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  1. Mitch... Thanks for the advice! Maybe having a "lite" site for NN4 users is the way to go. Maybe I can let them see the "today's news" section but the extensive archives and cross-indexing is for more more modern browsers. That way only one or a few pages need special attention. ...Dave Rock Sign
  2. Lunar... Here's the line from my Analog Stats page that shows Netscape 4: You have to interpret the code. (It doesn't say MSIE and it does say 4.73). Maybe you DON'T have any Netscape visitors (lucky you!). But usually I use awstats for 99% of my info. ...Dave
  3. Just a bit of frustration here. Maybe more than a bit. Many of my visitors are still using Netscape 4.7X!. Yuck! Up to 30% of my 1500 or so unique visitors a month are logged as NN4. Everytime I try and make a nice-looking page with CSS, I make sure it passes the W3C validators. When I check it in Netscape, though, the page invariably broken. So I remove element after element until at least most of the content displays. There are many resources out there describing the (lack of) CSS support in NN4, and I use them, but even slimming down the CSS to the bare minimum is somtimes not enough. So I still must use tables. Movable Type would make my life so much easier, but it seems to be a no-go with NN4. Sorry for the bit of a rant, I would just like to spend some time adding content to my site instead of checking compatability with an ancient (5 years?) browser. I know others have discussed this endlessly on the net, but I would like to ask my fellow TCHers: How long do we need to support Netscape 4? Any thoughts? ...Dave Rock Sign
  4. Just a thought: If your HTML <IMG> tags use the WIDTH and HEIGHT properties, make sure that you adjust the WIDTH and HEIGHT parameters to fit your new files after your resize them. Otherwise the browser will just stretch the images out again when they are displayed. HTH, Dave
  5. Thanks for the fast replies. Rock Sign Good luck, dsdemmin! Your task sounds frought with headache-inducing gotchas. I'll pop over to sourceforge right now... ...Dave
  6. I know this is a late reply, but I just saw this topic today. If you get a winmail.dat or .ms-tnef attachment to an email, here's fast, web-based solution (and you don't even have to complain to the original sender!): Go to the MS-TNEF Degenerator. You can upload your file, then download the actual enclosure. It has worked great for me many times. Hope this helps! ...Dave
  7. Here's my situation: I need for users to be able to send me files (photos and stuff). Email has problems with attachment sizes and the dreaded outlook winmail.dat issue. I can't count on eveyone knowing how to use FTP. Does anyone know of a way to implement a simple "drop box" so that users can send files into a web site? A google search didn't give me much satisfaction on this topic. Head Bash And if its on Cpanel or buried in the forums already I can't find it. TCH has a great community. Rock Sign Certainly someone must have done this before. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks! Dave
  8. I have a PDF that users can download from my site. When I look in CPanel to see the latest visitors, whenever this PDF file shows up, it is with HTTP code 206, not 200. Looking in the documentation shows that 206 means "partial content", so it is not technically an error, and no one has complained, but I was wondering if anyone else has seen something similar. Should I be worried or fix something? TIA, Dave Rock Sign
  9. Please add my site to the family: 1. http://wilexa.com 2. Wilexa.com (I can't think of a succint title) 3. Major parts of the Douglas Aircraft (now Boeing) factory in Long Beach, California are being redeveloped into "PacifiCenter". The wilexa.com archive includes pictures of the demolition and construction, plus movie clips and related links. Intended for ex-employees, retirees, and anyone interested in Long Beach or aviation history. 4. Text link back to TCH on my home page Thanks, Dave
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