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  1. Every time I try to set up e-mail for the iPhone POP or IMAP it just takes forever and I guess timesout because the account never takes. Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks! Gallery stopped giving me errors but it's still not creating thumbnails for some reason. At least I know it's connect to ImageMagick
  3. Hello, I am trying to run a test of gallery on a subdomain for my father before I go through the process of setting him up with Gallery and TCH on his own domain. I created a subdomain http://kustererartworks.odarkthirty.net and installed Gallery using Fantastico and then tried using " /usr/bin/perl", " /usr/bin/perl/", and "/usr/local/bin/convert/" all of which did not work. I then tried installing the module myself through cpanel but it keep giving a bunch of errors. Can some one please help? Gallery is working but it will not create thumbnails. Thank you, Laney
  4. Shiny! Thank you very much. It's weird because everything was working yesterday. Thanks so much! I must have totally missed the e-mail. There is just so much spam that goes to my account. I try and try to get rid of it but it just keeps coming back! Thanks again!
  5. I honestly did not know where to post this. I was talking to someone on Live support but then they logged off or something. Anyway I tried to get to my domain today and I couldn't, keep in mind I've had this domain for about two years and have never had trouble before today. So I looked around and I found a nice little message saying that most domains should point to NS1.***** and NS2.*****. Well in my welcome e-mail it told me to point to NS7.***** and NS8.***** I checked my e-mail and I didn't get anything saying that I should change it but I might have missed in when I was going through so should I re-direct my name servers? Or what.... Thanks, Elena
  6. sorry I figured it out. if you would like to delete the post that's fun. I used the wonderful guide that you had for installing movabletype and since my brain decided to start working again I figured it all out. Thanks!
  7. No it's not any thing like that. I mean if you long on to CPanel and then go into file manager you can see all the new code and all the new files but for some reason they are not loading up. I'll try submitting a help ticket later. I have to get going now. Thanks for the help though! Thanks, Laney
  8. http://empathymia.net Most of old pages that are coming up are down because I tried to clean up some of the old files after I uploaded the new ones. Thanks, Laney
  9. No, I've had the site here for awhile now. I just updated it yesturday, well the layout, for the first time in like a few months. It's in the www/ folder with all the other files. If I look at the html code in the online file manager for the index page it is the code that I wrote for the new layout but when I go to veiw the page it shows the old one. Thanks, Laney PS- I'm not on my normal computer, I'm actually on one that I've never used before so it is not the cache either.
  10. Hi everyone. I just changed the layout to my site yesturday. When I uploaded it everything was fun and it showed up and all but now when I go to my website it pulls up the old layout. I logged into cpanel and all the files that I uploaded are there and the html for the new layout is there but for some reason it's not showing up when you go to the actually site. So is anyone else having this problem or is it just me? Thanks, Laney
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