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  1. Bummer about the tutorials. [i edited out a bunch of comments that no longer apply. Every time I refresh the screen, the Cpanel main page looks better and better. The TCH gurus can fix (almost) anything in an hour! It's like magic!] Oh well. TCH still rocks! ...dave
  2. What happened? An hour ago I had the same old functional, but hardly exciting Cpanel look. All of a sudden it looks ultra-cool! Is this a new standard or just a test on Server 11? It looks sleek and stylish. I like it! Thumbs Up I will just have to find everything again. Creature of habit, you know. ...dave Rock Sign
  3. Uh oh, you are on to my "secret", google that is twelves sounded in distress! It did take the time to try it out on one of my sites and check phpinfo(). the upload_max_filesize and max_execution_time look like they update right away. Thumbs Up I couldn't find memory_limit. ...dave
  4. twelves... Add the following lines to your .htaccess file: ><IfModule mod_php4.c> php_value memory_limit 11M php_value upload_max_filesize 11M php_value max_execution_time 600 </IfModule> It should work. Always make a backup of your .htaccess file before mucking around with it. [Edited note: Upon further review, the post_max_size line didn't need to be in there, since the default value is already 55M. I am not sure about the memory_limit. It doesn't show in php_info()] Good luck! ...dave
  5. Good points, Jack! I learn something new here every day! Rock Sign ...dave
  6. turtle, Funny you should mention that link! I was just there a few hours ago! And yes, it is a good one. Simple and straightforward. ...dave
  7. Wishy-washy answer: It depends on the kind of site you are designing. If you are trying for a standard commercial site, I would try for using sessions to pass variables. They are invisible to the user and are pretty cool all around. [Disclaimer: I don't have any commercial sites]. If you are going for a quick and dirty informational/personal site where search engine ranking does not directly relate to your income, the easy way with query strings is, well, easy. And if you are a tidy webmaster, the pseudo-static page approach with mod_rewrite is attractive, but a bit time-consuming to set up. I have tried all three and use all three approaches for different areas of my site. ...dave
  8. Cross-browser compatablity issues are hot topics all over the web. Yuck! Which version of Netscape are you talking about? 4.XX or something newer? ...dave
  9. twelves, It might be a bit early to panic! Having said that, I took a quick look at your robots.txt file and can see that it excludes all "nice" spiders (that follow rules) from many administrative areas of your site. But there is probably a lot more that they can get to. You might want to beef up your robots.txt file to exclude spiders from other areas as well. Or allow googlebot and disallow everyone else. The choice is yours. If you are new to robots.txt, see: ***http://www.robotstxt.org/wc/exclusion-admin.html Good luck. ...dave
  10. Are you sure your friend wan't just playing a practical joke on you? By blocking your IP address on certain images, it would be sure to drive you crazy! ...dave
  11. There was another thread while ago on the subscribe-email-address issue. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=3681 Chunkeroni wrote: ...dave
  12. You get a nice reminder email when you go over 80% of your bandwidth limit, giving you plenty of time to upgrade. It's hard to judge in advance how much bandwidth you will use, since returning visitors generally have images cached and whatnot. ...dave
  13. I agree. Manual submissions are best. The Cpanel thing doesn't really work. I would encourage you to add your site to the TCH family (if you haven't already). There is a forum here for just such a purpose. Google (for one) ranks the TCH family pages pretty well and googlebot will follow the link to your site. I would also recommend submitting your site to the Open Directory Project (dmoz.org) to get another relatively-important link. Good luck. ...Dave
  14. I just thought you stole his avatar!! LOL ...dave
  15. Great comments, Jack! We all want to do business with a company that perfectly suits our needs. TCH isn't the top name in google for web hosting, but it certainly is the best company! Rock Sign Since Jim's client is a specific operation (you must be a fisherman and you need to physically be in Key West to use his services), your approach is a good one. I certainly defer to your experience in attracting actual business from web visits. Regardless of the keywords picked, a site must be VERY focused on those keywords. And as DSDemmin always says: be consistent. [i personally have problems picking the right set of keywords for my site. It is hard to let some go and focus on the "right" ones for SEO. We all want to tell the public how many different needs our site can meet for them, but the shotgun approach does not help your site in the search engines.] Right now, I can't even find grandslamkw.com when I do a search for "key west fishing" or "key west charter" on the first 10 pages or so of google. Note: One of the competitors, seaclusion, relegates the name of his boat to a lower spot and titles the main page "Key West Fishing" and ranks up near the top. ...dave
  16. Jim... Using the free overture keyword selection tool, ***http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/ The following search counts were recorded for June -- fishing key west 1733 fishing key west charter 716 key west charter 315 key west charter boat 143 It looks to me like there isn't a very big "pie" of internet searches for "Key West fishing". As a comparison there were 114680 searches for all "key west" and 5210 searches for "key west boat" You might try other keywords in overture to try and find a logical set that applies to your client and has tons of searches. Good luck. ...Dave
  17. Jim... I think you need to get rid of the HTML comment tags around the php code. ...Dave
  18. Yahoo news is reporting that Verisign is being sued over this by the Netster folks. story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=77&ncid=77&e=1&u=/mc/20030919/tc_mc/verisignsuedoversitefinder ...Dave
  19. Here are a couple of good links on robots.txt: A tutorial: www.searchengineworld.com/robots/robots_tutorial.htm A validator (to make sure everything is OK): www.searchengineworld.com/cgi-bin/robotcheck.cgi Just remember - 1) robots.txt MUST be in your public_html folder and 2) you must have a carriage return (new line) after your last "Disallow" line. Make sure that you set up your robots.txt as soon as you publish a site. That way YOU control which parts of your site will get spidered. Once a page is in google, it takes a long time for it to disappear! Good luck, Dave
  20. Thanks, DF. Having all relative links would make a site more portable (I think) and would cut down on page sizes by a few bytes to boot. But I have opted for absoute links as the norm on my site. It's easy to add a variable based on $_SERVER['HOST_NAME'] in PHP to the front of my links. (And easy to take it out if I change my mind!) ...dave
  21. Thanks for the fast answer! I had a feeling you were going to say what you did. I just wanted to see it for myself! Most of my site is php-generated, so switching to a consistent format shouldn't be too hard. Thanks again, Scott. ...dave
  22. Question for our SEO Guru: Do search engines care whether an internal link is relative or absolute? e.g. If you have link back to your home page does it matter whether you have href="/" or href="http://www.mysite.com"? I know browsers don't care, but I was wondering about spiders and the like. My site has a jumble of both types. It is wortwhile to be consistent in this regard? ...Dave Rock Sign
  23. Mike, A simple, probably naive, question: You say that config_global.php should be "secure". I am assuming you mean that permissions need to be set a certain way. What should they be for the board to work, but still safe? ...Dave Rock Sign
  24. Lets not get into the old Mac vs. PC thing! Which OS are you running? OS X, OS 9, 8.5?? Are you looking for a free solution or is shareware OK? I personally use Mac OS 10.2. Sometimes I just use the old command line ftp, but usually I use the shareware program Transmit. It seems to work flawlessly and is fairly intuitive. I think you can get a free trial at www.panic.com. I have also used Fetch and Anarchie. They work fine as well. Good luck, Dave
  25. Way to go, MikeH!! It's great to see that performance has its rewards!! ...Dave
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