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  1. I'll try to describe as best as I can what I need help with. When I google my site it shows up in two different ways, one being the normal "www.mysite.com", it may also show up as "www.mysite.com/~homefolder/". How can this be fixed ?
  2. The only inconvenience as some may have already mentioned is the use of mild to heavy modded php based forums is like looking for a needle in a haystack dilemma. I still haven't resolved a couple of my forum issues, even via ticket support.
  3. ....and out of no where it's started working as of this morning - weird.
  4. So after couple years of "it" running ok - now it will not work whe creating a THUMB of a pic from any linked URL. >// Start function getsize($url) { global $userdata; // Maximum width and height for inpost images leave one of them as 0 to keep the right dimensions. $iWidth = 200; $iHeight = 0; // JPEG Quality $quality = 85; $base = basename($url); $base_ext = substr($base, 0, -4); $id = $userdata['username'] . "_" . $base_ext; // broken_link $broken_link = $phpbb_root_path . "images/no_pic.jpg"; if(@!$size = getimagesize($url)) { return $broken_link; }
  5. Opened a ticket - see what they can fix, since it's getting very annoying....
  6. Yeah mine started doing this over the past 48hrs out of nowhere...
  7. Anyone noticed www.phpbb.com along with other numerous sites got hit over the weekend due to this security hole.... Here's a good link also from an end user: http://www.chovy.com/2005/02/simiens-crew-...hey-did-it.html
  8. Mine is out of random "slow" on most ocassions... MY CPanel often takes forever to load(also out of nowhere) ...
  9. I was going to say, I just singed up to a newer plan & this is awesome !!! Way to stay competitive !!!
  10. All grat ideas thanks ... Thumbs Up
  11. Is there a better way to break down the "bandwith" ??? :Nerd: NOT Just (see below): I need to know what's affecting my bandwith all of the sudden .... Thx...
  12. Eh ? Excuse the mess, but my "main" DEV pc is down for the count .....
  13. My forum reads as: Mon Oct 27, 2003 1:36 pm right now ??? After Daylight savings time took effect .... Thanks... EDIT: Sorry Server #14
  14. My forum reads as: Mon Oct 27, 2003 1:36 pm right now ??? After Daylight savings time took effect .... Thanks...
  15. Best overall informative website based on a forum ? OK , where's my "puter" ?
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