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    Hello, I have a few questions regarding installing Subdreamer https://www.subdreamer.com/ Can I install it here at TCH? Would I also be able to install PHP module GD2? If I prefer you guys install it for me how much it cost me? Anything else I need to know please let me know... Thanks in advance...
  2. will do thanks a bunch! If I have any other questions I will definitely ask...thanks again!
  3. ok cool I will look into those, thanks a bunch. I got one last question, say I do want to do all this from scratch. Is there any site you would recommend to show a step-by-step on how to creat a database. I know I'm asking for alot, but I would like to learn if possible. Thanks again...
  4. hello tch, first off just want to point out that I'm a newbie at the whole website design and layout. I'm reading alot and trying to understand the whole website layout, but I'm a little lost on something. If someone can shed some light for me please... this is my current site... http://www.dvdstockpile.com/ it's a personal site with my collection of dvds and also a site to basically list all of the major upcoming dvds every tuesday. As you can see from the site its very plain and simple (still working on it and I know I have alot of work to do), so here is my question. How do I create a database? I barely know php or mysql (learning as we speak)... I'm trying to follow this tutorial here, but I'm lost... http://www.visualdesigncore.com/tutorials/...HP-News-System/ thanks in advance!
  5. ok thanks for the reply. I did find my first email from tch and I did use the username and password thats on there, but still no luck. If I select new customer its still ok right? Thanks again...
  6. I was going thru the Web Host Order Wizard to open up a new account for my new domain (www.dvdstockpile.com). And where it asks "Tell us who you are" I select "Add this order to my account" and it then asks for my email and password. Well what password is it talking about? I know my email of course, but I'm stuck please help...
  7. oh ok, I guess I was just confused by the word "trial" meaning I guess it would expire and then I wouldn't be able to use them anymore unless I purchased a license. Cool, I try and start the install tonight...thanks again everyone, will post any issues I encounter, hopefully not any.
  8. thank you so much for the info, will try the install tonight when I get home. I guess if I mess up a fresh reinstall of the forums would be the solution. Thanks again, will definintely post my problems here if I encounter any. I forgot one last question, I just went to that link and it states trial version. Since I'm at TCH and I guess they have the license shouldn't be able to install the full version for 1.3?
  9. sorry for asking so many questions it's just that I've never done it myself and I want to make sure I ask before attempting anything. So I'm assuming I go to the IPB website download the latest version and go from there right? Or can I do the upgrade from TCH?
  10. I'm getting a Warning error code when I'm in the viewing profile screen...this is what I'm getting: Warning: Division by zero in /home/jscfanc/public_html/forums/sources/Profile.php on line 192 what's causing this error? Any suggestions...I'm thinking of launching my forums live soon, please help...
  11. hey thanks for the reply, I should of done a search before posting...haha I just found this in the help section and I updated it online... http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/billingpage.htm
  12. I need to change my billing info (cc & billing address) and I need to change it so there is no conflict with my monthly payment and my site. I logged into my cpanel and can't find where to change my billing info...
  13. sounds good, thanks again for the backup explanation. Have a great weekend! Rock Sign
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