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  1. Are you just trying to duplicate a table? If so, you can click on any table in phpmyadmin (on the left side of the page). In the SQL command box near the bottom of the page enter: >CREATE TABLE new_tbl SELECT * FROM orig_tbl; where new_tbl is your new table name and orig_tbl is the table you are copying. Then click on the "go" button. HTH, dave
  2. Just a thought.... You need to make sure that your redirect isn't recursive (i.e. that in.php won't trigger it). Otherwise I am thinking it could get messy very fast. ...dave
  3. Mitch, Please add my new site to the non-profit/informational family: 1. http://www.otrfan.com 2. The Old Time Radio Fan 3. Favorite detective and mystery shows from the Golden Age of Radio 4. Link is in footer of home page. Thanks a bunch, Dave Rock Sign
  4. Good reference, Bruce! vwpowergtsr, I would suggest that you put your new stats page in a password-protected directory. That way, they are still private. If you need help setting that up, just say so and we can give you some help in that direction. ...dave
  5. vwpowergtsr, I would seriously question the need for a public stats page. You are asking to be bombarded with Referrer Spam. It is generally a very bad idea. ,,,dave
  6. Thanks for the looks! I switched the text to 0.9em. It looks a little better on my PC. Kasey, I redid the colors on the "random" page to remove the yellows. I switched to the other main theme colors. I agree, it looks better and more consistent. I read somewhere that brown means "reliable", so I figured that was a perfect fit for an old-time site hosted by TCH. It's amazing what you can do with only 5 or 6 colors in your toolbox! ...dave
  7. Thank you all for your comments! Don, thanks especially for the screen shots. They are very helpful, since a picture is worth a thousand posts in a forum! You are a real godsend. Mitch, I am thinking maybe a little smaller would be better, too. I need to run some tests. youneverknow, Thanks for the look and the email test! ...dave Rock Sign
  8. Hello to the TCH gang! Mods: I am posting this here because I am really just looking for a CSS review, not a total site review. You can move it of necessary. I would appreciate a quick once-over for my new site with a variety of browsers. I have a Mac at home and Win IE6 at work, so my arsenal of browsers for testing is a bit limited. The site is live, so there should be no dead links. One quick caveat. Dial-up users beware: If you click on a "Listen Now" or "Download" button, you'll be in for a long wait, since most files are over 5MB. The site navigation should be no problem though. The font size is 1em, which looks gorgeous on Safari with my Mac, but seems huge with Win IE6. Your thoughts? This is my first XHTML site (with CSS positioning, aka table-less) and have already had to make many compromises/changes due to issues on the browsers I could test on. So without further ado, please visit this site and answer a few simple questions: 1. What browser did you use? 2. What do you think of the font size? 3. Are the colors OK? (I am a bit colorblind. 4. Did anything look broken? The CSS can be found here. Thank you all for your time. ...dave Rock Sign
  9. I'm glad you solved the problem. It's always hard to find a problem that you didn't (intentionally at least) create yourself. You have only MT to blame! On a side note, you have MUCH more courage than I possess. I can't even imagine trying to move MT once it is set up. I thought about moving mine, then realized the number of possible traps exceeded my patience threshold. Congrats. ...dave
  10. It looks OK to me both ways (at least the main page)! Are you still having problems? ...dave
  11. One quick note to those following this thread: the compression really only affects text. gzip doesn't help graphics, music, and other binary files (unless I am totally mistaken). So its effects are most pronounced on long, text-heavy pages with a few small graphics. If your page is 35K of text plus 200K of graphics you will go down from 235K total to 215K total or so. A little help, sure, but a relatively small percentage. You are basically trading processor load on the server and the browser's computer for a reduction in bandwidth/download time. ...dave
  12. Thanks, Bill. I am looking forward to the new stuff. Everyone likes new toys! Rock Sign ...dave
  13. I couldn't figure out the right forum for this one. Mods, please move this thread if there is a better spot. I have noticed that the server analysis pages on the TCH help site (and tchstatus.com), like this one for Server 59, seem to stop at some odd times and refuse to update. I have seen this "stopping" behavior for several servers, but others seem totally unaffected and update continuously. Is there some event that knocks the analysis pages offline? Is there anything that can be done (short of rebooting, obviously) to make the server analysis pages always work? BTW, the above Server59 page seems to have conked out at the same time I saw the load go through the roof. The load recovered in a 5 minutes or so, but the graphs are frozen. Has anyone else noticed this stuff or do I have too much time on my hands? ...dave
  14. I am using em's as well on my new site. It scales up and down easily depending on the user preferences, but be careful and make sure to test your pages in various browser text sizes. The jumps are pretty big! I use 1em for normal text, .8em for smallish and 1.2em or 1.4em for headlines. Most of my audience has, well, been around the block a few times and they appreciate the relatively larger text. ...dave
  15. Congratulations, TCH-Lisa! I knew you had potential when you used a real avatar from the start! I am looking forward to seeing your name in blue at the bottom of my forum screen. ...dave
  16. Sherie... A parked domain shows in the browser window, but the content is identical to the main domain. If you click on an absolute link that is coded like ><a href="http://www.mymaindomain.tld/page.html"> then the browser address bar shifts to "mymaindomain.tld". If you code all your links in the relative style, like ><a href="/page.html"> then you can stay in the parked domain for the entire visit. But be careful! All it takes is clicking on one absolute link and you will depart the "parked" site and end up on the "main" site. Confusing? I hope not. HTH, Dave
  17. kasey... It looks like you hang out at some of my favorite web sites! Thumbs Up Unfortunately, I don't have a magic bullet for you tonight. Everything looks OK to me at first glance, which just goes to show I don't know enough about CSS. I am using Safari on a Mac, and your page displays the same as you described for Firefox, et al: Left-justified captions at the default font size. This is probably the standards-based way of rendering the page. I have a vague idea (forgive me if I am wrong) that your problem might have to do with inheritance (the CSS, not yours ). I would suggest checking out the DOM tree to make sure all is as it should be. I know, not much help, but at least a little moral support. ...dave
  18. Sorry, no answer here. But I was just about to ask the same question! So there are at least two TCHers that would love to know how! I was thinking that maybe the MIME type would have to be changed? ...dave
  19. Thanks for updating the link, kasey and !!blue! Very informative. ...dave Rock Sign
  20. Sorry, Kasey, your link didn't resolve for me. Can you please check it? Thanks, Dave
  21. Yeah, the terminal always works! I use Transmit for all my FTP, although I did have to pony up the $25, it works like a charm. Good luck, dave
  22. jos and andypeat... I just tried it on my 10.2 mac at home. *ftp://ftp.**** lets me in immediately to the "unseen" ftp_public folder. Can't see the real website stuff *ftp://**** doesn't let me in at all, and *ftp://username@ftp.**** prompts me for a password and then lets me into my home directory where I can see the public_html folder and everything else. So... I would suggest using the last form. Update: After about 5 connections in a row it would not log me in anymore. More investigating... ...dave
  23. Your Cpanel bandwidth is your total bandwidth across all protocols at TCH. It includes http, ftp, smtp (mail) and everything else. The Cpanel bandwidth number is what TCH checks againt your quota. The Awstats only addresses the http stuff, so it is (almost) always lower than the cpanel value. ...dave
  24. It looks like it's connecting anonymously to your public_ftp folder. You may need to change things around, so that instead of ftp.domain.com you use ftp://username:password@ftp.domain.com Give it a try. If you are uncomfortable putting your password in the URL, you can just use ftp://username@ftp.domain.com and the system should prompt you. I will try in on my Mac when I get home tonight. HTH, dave Rock Sign
  25. Just to add to Kasey's post: Real World Style calls this "the 7-10 split". See Real World Style. ...dave
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