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  1. I don't think so, but I will have to check. (It hasn't saved me yet! ) If that's the case, then I agree, it would be a data transfer. Most of the files in question are big... 6 to 16MB, so it's easy to spot 'em on the daily bandwidth table. I happened to notice it yesterday because I deleted about 200MB of files without uploading of downloading anything. I was just wondering if anyone else had seen the same thing. --- Dave
  2. Hmm. I thought that bandwidth was when data was transferred between server and client. I had just assumed that deleting a file via FTP did not transfer any data. --- Dave
  3. Whenever I delete files via my FTP client (I use Transmit for Mac), my cPanel bandwidth is "charged" for the entire file(s) size. Is this normal. Does anyone else see that behavior? I would assume (I know, I know!) that it wouldn't take much bandwidth to delete a file. -- Dave
  4. Joe, I use dadamail, but as the (default) announce-only list. If you need some specific things done as root to install the dada_send.pl package, I would suggest that 1) you do as much as you can without root access then 2) drop a help desk ticket with specific instruction for the techs to perform. I have had good luck with that 2-step method before. -- Dave
  5. Ecoli, If it's not too late, I recommend using DadaMail instead of mailman. It is waaaay easier to use, more professional looking to both administrators and users. I use both systems, so I can speak from experience. It has easy signup, double opt-in, and a nice clean interface. The default DadaMail setup is announce-only, which sounds like what you want. My two cents. Good luck! -- Dave
  6. Hmmm. Good questions. Maybe a TCH Guru could hop in... Anyway, I am not sure about deleting the file when you are done downloading. It might work, it might not. I don't know if your "personal" log file need to be there for the daily Awstats run or whether (probably more likely) it just sifts out your domain from the server-wide log file. It's a CPanel thing. I haven't heard of anyone deleting their current log file. My most recent log file for the month is about 660KB on the server (compressed) and it expands to 11.3MB when on my home computer, so the compresion is pretty tight on these plain text files. But I understand it would be would be faster to analyze only the most recent logs on your local machine. -- Dave
  7. Hi, Nobunaga! I am just a member here, but I think I can answer your questions. The log files are accumulated on near-continuous (at least daily) basis, grouped into files by month. The current month's file continues to grow as the month wears on. The files are all compressed. You can save old (previous month's) files on your server or rotate them out. Your option. You can download the log files via CPanel or FTP them manually. The logs have referer info. -- Dave
  8. Head Guru has a very good track record in dealing with DDOS attacks here at TCH. They are rare, but f they happen, things are dealt with in an efficient manner. i.e. Targeted domains suspended, routes re-posted (I think that's the term) and everything worked very quickly to keep any downtime to an absolute minimum. Downtimes are MUCH shorter here than you are describing with your current provider. More like "less than an hour" to "a few hours" in a nightmare situation. There is always up-to-the minute info posted in these forums to let members know what's going on. Just an observation from watching over the past year+. --- Dave
  9. In layman's terms, a "200" code just means that everything went OK and the browser downloaded the whole file (page, image, whatever). It is probably the most common HTTP code. The other common code is "304" which means that the file hasn't changed since last requested, so there is no need to download the file since it is already in the browser's cache. --- Dave
  10. There are threads from time to time here at TCH about "Someone stole my content!" and such. Here is a online new tool to check for content duplication: http://www.copyscape.com/. Powered by Google Alerts, this simple and fast tools looks for pages with content similar or a duplicate of any page you care to enter. It's still in beta, but it works well. And it's FREE! Thumbs Up So check out how your site fares, you may be suprised at who is using your words! --- Dave
  11. Transmit and Interarchy are very nice for OS X but with 9.1, Fetch is a great way to go (and it's free!). --- Dave
  12. I am just family member here, not a mod or actual staff, but I bet I know what they will say: If this is for a regular (main) domain, it should not be parked. Go into the registrar control panel (not the cpanel that you use to access your webspace functions) and set the nameservers as described in your welcome email. If you ordered your domain through TCH, your registar control panel is accessed though this page. Or the long way around: got to the TCH home page and click on "Domain Registration". There is a little drop-down menu on the upper right of the ensuing page that is defaulted to something like "-- My Account --". Select "login" from that little menu. Then login with the username/password that came with your domain welcome email (as opposed to your TCH welcome email). Set the nameservers to NS1.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM and NS2.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM or whatever your TCH welcome email says. I hope that's not too confusing! --- Dave
  13. Welcome mouncey! There's even a few of us that use Macs around here! Fetch should work fine. Just be sure to use the straight IP address (as Don pointed out) for the next couple of days until your domain name propogates through the internet. It isn't a Mac issue, it's an internet issue. -- Dave
  14. OK Bruce, it's yours! Please send me a PM with your email address and I will send you the invite right away. --- Dave
  15. Anyone NOT have Gmail yet?? First TCH family member with over 100 forum posts to their credit that sends me a PM gets a free invite, no strings attached! --- Dave Rock Sign
  16. Welcome to TCH! Your main web folder is your "public_html" folder. Everything is based on that. So you need to make sure that all the files and folders from your geocities site are copied into your public_html folder. ...Dave P.S. I just went to your geocities link and it was a blank page, so I have no idea how big your site is/was. When using the Cpanel File Manager, it starts you off "too high" in the directory tree. Be sure to drill down into public_html before uploading. If all you files are already uploaded, though, you can click on a file or folder name and select "move this file(folder)" from the menu at right and then select the public_html or other appropriate directory. It's a bit awkward, but it beats re-uploading everything.
  17. I agree with Andy! Although others may have found different, my personal experience tells me that if you use the allowed methods (i.e. straight HTTP transfer), and your visitors are reasonably spaced out (10 at a time, for instance), you will hit your bandwidth limit faster than you will use "too many" CPU and memory resources. The CPU load for a straight HTTP request seems to be very small compared to a true "streaming server" that is dedicated to serving many, many users at once. The servers here are very fast and can dish out audio and video clips with ease. My audio site is averaging about 1GB (on about 200 vistors) per day with no problems. I have also found that some users will download a file more than once and many abandon a clip before it is complete. Even so, if just 50 users a day download a complete 10MB file, your monthly bandwith will add up to 15GB/month just for that one file. (10MB * 50 users * 30 days). Problems arise when 100 people try to get that same 10MB file all at once. Tough on a shared server. So if you are serving a narrow audience, you should be fine with shared server. If you are trying to appeal to a wide (and large) audience, you should probably consider a dedicated server. -- Dave Just my opinions. I do not speak for TCH.
  18. If the client is big enough, you might want to get a dedicated server. Then you can do anything you want! Well, not *anything*, but I am pretty sure you could set up streaming unless I am totally mistaken. ...Dave
  19. Welcome msdan! Both URLs are working fine for me. During DNS propagation weird things happen. I know it's hard to wait, but everything is fine from here (California). ...Dave
  20. Hi wigoweb... My awstats file is chock-full of php pages. Were you looking over the full list or just the summary top 25 files that comes on the main page? Make sure to click on the "full list" link to make sure that you are seeing everything. Awstats definitely counts php files unless you did some custom modifications to the config file. ...Dave
  21. Welcome! This probably belongs in a different forum, but I think I can help anyway. It sounds as if you are trying to send a header after some output has already been sent to the page. If I am mistaken, please correct me. Usually this happens when there is an extra line in the include file that just happened to show up during the transfer or edit. It's a weird thing, but it happens to me all the time. Check the bottom of your include file to make sure there are no extra lines after the PHP close tag "?>" at the bottom of your include file. None, nada, zip. Otherwise a blank line is being included. For some reason, Cpanel File Manager loves to add an extra line or two when I edit my files. Other software may do it too, for all I know. If you PM me your URL, I can take a look if you like. HTH, Dave
  22. kasey, I would say to just go with the title attribute for anchor tags. The alt attribute isn't in the HTML spec for anchor tags. ...dave
  23. Oh no! I hope things didn't get too messed up. Back up/export your database often to aviod catastrophe. I send myself an email every night with a database dump. When you say REPLACE it will overwrite things. Is that what you really meant to do? I hope you made a backup (probably a little late now). If a lot of data was overwritten that you can't reproduce, drop a ticket a the help desk and they should be able to recover your database from the last backup (usually within the last couple of days). But do it soon. Back to MySQL: If you use the REPLACE (or leave out IGNORE), mySQL thinks that you want to overwrite an existing record with data from the "from" table that uses the same key. If you don't care about the key, but just want to add the old data and get a new key assigned to the record, then you can specify every field/column (except the keys) explicitly. ...dave
  24. Deno... Try this in the sql command window... >INSERT IGNORE INTO new_tbl SELECT * FROM orig_tbl; This command will take all the data from orig_tbl and add it to new_tbl. The IGNORE is only necessary if there might be duplicate keys. Of course, those records won't get copied over. You can read thet full syntax in the MySQL manual page. ...dave
  25. Deno... Sorry, I misunderstood your question. Could you be a little more specific? Are you trying to copy certain fields of certain records from one table into a new table? Or all fields? Are the two table structures identical? Are the field names the same between the two tables for the data you want copied? ...dave
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