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And The Winner Is......


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The winner of the $50 Amazon gift card is Zach (picked randomly from the first 10 entries)



The winner of the laptop is boxturt for this pic



The winner was chosen by all of the paid staff and mods, Bill asked that everyone list their favorites and why they liked them, then they were totaled up, the one with the most votes was the winner.


Zach and boxturt please send me a PM so we can work out the details.


Congrats to you both and thanks to everyone for participating, I'm not sure what Bill has in mind for the next contest or when it will be but we will keep everyone posted.

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Holy chip Batman!


I have been staring at the screen in disbelief and for perhaps the first time ever I know not what to say.


I thank you all. Thank you very much.


(There are some really great pics entered too!)


Bill, everyday being hosted here at TCH is like winning a prize for me (because it's always wonderful) so this is unbelievable! A very generous prize indeed.


Geez, before I start gushing - once again - THANK YOU :unsure:



Ty, aka Boxturt


....and I'd like to thank the Academy, my great-aunt Fred, my pet frog Jimmy-The-Blink..........

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Wow! I won! woooot


See I thought since the contest email was sent out really late on like a Sunday night, I'd be sneaky and at least be one of the first 10, but it turned out there were lots of people up late and I was lucky to get mine posted in time.


I've been here almost a year and a half now, and its still amazing how great everything works. I've referred several people and I won't be leaving! (i'll probably be taking the next step up to semi-dedicated before too long)


THANKS! :P Rock Sign





(now go visit www.zachrosing.com/portfolio....check out some of my stuff!)

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I am soooooooo psyched!!!! :)

Can you launch rockets from that bunker?


Well, don't tell anyone but what looks like the remains of an above-ground pool in my backyard is actually the business end of an active silo!! :(

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