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Who Says You Don't Get Lucky Once In A While?

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Last week I received an email in response to a contest I entered. The jist of the thing has to do with an opportunity to win a new Ford. The way it works is that during the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game this evening, if Tampa scored first in the game, I would win an opportunity to choose one of 50 keys that will start one of 10 brand new Ford vehicles on April 22.


Well, Tampa scored first and it looks like I have to be in Tampa on April 22! :) :thumbup:

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Wow! How fun!! Good luck! :D


:group: We have a neighborhood kid who is about 4 years old. We were giving him a ride a couple of months ago, and as we backed out of the parking spot, he noticed the SUV next to us. He said, "That's a Chevy. I hate Chevys." My wife asked him, "Oh really? What kind of cars do you like?" He responded, "I like Fords!" (His dad drives a mammoth Ford F350; I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.)


Then last week we had visitors staying at our house. Their rental car was a Chevy Trailblazer. (I fell in love with that SUV. It is perfectly sized for a tall person with long legs (You wouldn't know it by looking at my avitar, but I'm 6'5"...).) The neighbor kid came up and said, "Why do you have a Chevy in front of your house? My wife responded, “Our friends are visiting, and it is the car they are driving. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?”


Cole thought about it and said, “Well, yeah. But it’s a Chevy!”


Anyway, funny story aside, best wishes!!

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-UPDATE-: I didn't win. I had the right key number, but out of the line of vehicles, I was one off! Close, but not quite! Oh well! I had the satisfaction that none of the people there won it either!

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Sorry you didn't win. But it was still exciting! Fun Game!

Better luck next time!

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