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  1. Db Server Name?

    Hello, If you are installing it on your website the DB server name is 'localhost' it self. If you are attempting to connect from your local machine use the server IP or your domain name as the DB server name . If you are still facing issue , please open a ticket.
  2. Outstanding-patient Service

    Thank you for your Kind words
  3. Thanks Bob for the kind words
  4. Alex Spafford Promoted!

    Congracts Alex So when is the party ???
  5. Need Your Votes!

    I voted for #1 as it looks more professional , second one looks more like a school/college logo.
  6. Tom Duncan Rocks!

    Thank you for your Kind words
  7. The Latest Tch Staffing.....

    Welcome to the team Bonnie
  8. Ryan Promoted, Jesse Gone!

    Congrats Ryan
  9. Carl Noonan Is Promoted!

    Congrats Carl
  10. Please Welcome!

    Welcome Matt
  11. Tch Support

    Well done Alex
  12. Ftp Username Password & Cpanel

    Hello, It will be resolved faster if you include the following details, You domain name, your phone number / zip code and the last 3 digits of your credit card, used to pay for the hosting, as a security check.
  13. Hello All

    Welcome to the forum ThornKRT
  14. Publishing With Frontpage

    Hello , Please open helpdesk ticket with the exact error that you are getting.
  15. Please Welcome Mike Miller!

    Welcome to the team Mike