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  1. No, whoever I had talked to before said to go into Horde using my account login and delete the folder there. I'm assuming that the folder will regenerate? Or don't I need it? What will happen to all the spam?
  2. When I go into hoard using my account's login, and then go to the folder for my domain name, there is a directory for spam. Under that was another directory for spam - it had 833 messages in it dating back to 2004! I was told by someone there that instead of having to delete each page of emails (42 pages), I could just delete the folder. I did that and now I see that I have the same spams and the folder is back... Isn't there some way to delete these from the server without it taking me an hour each month? Laurel
  3. I don't see a spam assassin icon. It is all in my spam folder...
  4. I clicked on Folders and I see that it has put the folders "inside". I can expand the folders until I see the spam folder in question. If I check the box, from the drop down choose Purge, nothing seems to happen. Am I to choose delete folder? Should it say delete folder contents? Or is it going to delete the folder and then I have to create it again? Isn't there something else to do to prevent this - all this spam is filling up my account!
  5. I have 75 pages of spam emails in my main account (only 1 month!) and want to delete them all. When I choose Select All, it only does one page. This will take a long time to delete them all. Isn't there a faster way?
  6. Looks like the support people are going to reset the logins. Sure wonder why this happened - especially to one login that I rarely use! Problem somewhere over there.
  7. Suddently, my logins are not working. They worked yesterday. The password was saved, so it isn't like I forgot it. Any ideas? Laurel
  8. lktodd


    I deleted the user from the database and re-added it and I'm not getting the error. Not getting any data, but I can deal with that. Thanks for your help! Laurel
  9. lktodd


    I went into cPanel and created a MySQL database there. Then I wrote the PHP script in Dreamweaver and uploaded it to the directory I showed you on the server. My brother was trying to "help" me last weekend and suggested I install all the stuff locally. Just confused me more.
  10. lktodd


    That didn't seem to work either. In the meantime, I stopped MySQL and Apache on my PC. Getting the same error - can you think of something else?
  11. lktodd


    Yes, working from my own PC. I think one of my postings was dropped somehow... maybe because of the passwords? This is just a test website. I guess I have to "encrypt" everything when I send it. did you get the other message?
  12. lktodd


    Another thought: I installed Apache, PHP, MySQL on my PC last weekend. When I say localhost, is it going there to to TCH? <?php //Connect To Database $hostname="localhost"; $username="cpanelname_lktodd"; $password="*********"; $dbname="cpanelname_vendorlist"; $usertable="VENDORINFO"; $yourfield = "vendor_nm"; mysql_connect($hostname,$username, $password) OR DIE ("Unable to connect to database! Please try again later."); mysql_select_db($dbname); $query = "SELECT * FROM $usertable"; $result = mysql_query($query); if($result) { while($row = mysql_fet
  13. lktodd


    I'm sure you can tell, this is my first time trying this... I made the changes that you suggested, but still getting error: Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user 'cpanelname_lktodd'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /home/cpanelname/public_html/holly/test2.php on line 22 Unable to connect to database! Please try again later. Here's the full script. I created two tables: VENDORINFO and VENDOR_LEVEL. I did add lktodd to the database. Is there a better tool to see this type of info? I'm a hardcore SQL person and feel like I'm blindfolded... <?php //Connect To Dat
  14. lktodd


    I found that error, now have this error: Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user 'laurel'@'server369.tchmachines.com' (using password: NO) in /home/username/public_html/holly/test2.php on line 19 Unable to connect to database! Please try again later. Here is part of the script: //Connect To Database $hostname="server369.tchmachines.com"; $username="laurel"; $password=""; $dbname="vendorlist"; $usertable="VENDORINFO"; $yourfield = "vendor_nm"; mysql_connect($hostname,$username, $password) OR DIE ("Unable to connect to database! Please try again later."); mysql_selec
  15. lktodd


    Just looking for information on how to get a PHP page to run. I am getting an error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/username/public_html/holly/test.php on line 17 edit: please don't post your cPanel username -th
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