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  1. Yup I have that many phpBB modifications I always have to manually update. Not fun sometimes.
  2. Don't even need everything that comes with the lite version. All the lite version really needs to be is Apache, PHP, MySQL and some way of controlling the MySQL which in Xampp's case is phpMyAdmin.
  3. You don't have to refresh with phpMyAdmin. It informs you of what changes it is going to make and what it has made.
  4. I'd recommend that people always download scripts from the official site fo the script as, from what I have read in these forums, cPanel appears to offer out of date versions and are slow to update. Someone said the phpBB cPanel installs is 2.0.11 where as the official version is 2.0.13 due to upgrades to fix security issues.
  5. There was a rumour a while ago that they were so impressed with Firefox and Thunderbird that they were going to replace the mail client and browser in the Mozilla suite with them. Guess they just decided to scrap the suite totally. But then does anybody use the suite? I've never liked it.
  6. Except I was running a copy of the first IPB2 on my website as an archive for my forum before I switched to phpBB. As it was just an archive I never updated it and I believe it was IPB that was exploited the other day when someone used my site to run a DoS. They used 20GB of bandwidth in about an hour and at $2 for every GB over bandwidth on a 10 GB account I'm stuffed
  7. Well as a simple password login you could use .htpasswd but that will just give access to the directoy and not server up personalised pages. If you don't feel like coding something yourself then Bruce's idea is best and you should visit hotscripts. If you are making it yourself then you would need to use sessions or cookies. If you want something personalised made just for you then there are plenty of scripters out there begging for work.
  8. Daylight saving time, or British Summer Time as we call it, is a outmoded concept. Why do we need it? Pick one or the other and stick with it. GMT seemed to work fine for people for a long time.
  9. I'm a helper on the Advanced Guestbook forum and got fed up of people asking for modifications and fixes. All the modifications I have written for the guestbook are available from my forum or http://www.carbonize.co.uk/AG.
  10. Yay I'm moving to TC as soon as the DNS for my domain has been changed and spread. With my site I bring goodies. goodies beign The db Guestbook which is Advanced Guestbook 2.3.1 overhauled and updated. Added MSN/Yahoo fields, simple anti spam, store posters IP or hostname, smilies in comments, smileys on comments form, disable private messaging, alt tags in smileys, all known exploits patched, logging out of admin takes you back to guestbook, etc etc. To come: - Option to have posts require admin moderation before appearing in guestbook - Change $session as apparently it is reserved by Apache2 by default. - Anything else that comes to mind.
  11. I know it's a bit late now but I had this problem. I found that you have to add the user and then once you get the user listed where you get User: <dropdownlist> Db: <dropdownlist> you have to click the Add user to Db button.
  12. total choice provides you with phpMyAdmin in your control panel somewhere. Most hosts do.
  13. The best, and most widely used, is phpMyAdmin. http://www.phpmyadmin.net Curious as to why you put phpBB in the title ?
  14. As a webmaster/programmer I detest firewall pop up stoppers. They work by changing the code in the page which caused me a major headache with one of my programs that retrieved information from webpages.
  15. I tried all three links Bellringr provided and not a single pop up. I get the pop up blocked message for pantagraph but nothing at all for the other two. I checked the source code and saw no embed tags nor object tags (which is how flash should be done as embed is invalid HTML). No I don't have either version of the flash block installed.
  16. People actualy search for horse web design and equine web design?
  17. I used to be a regular on the webproworld forums (I suggest avoiding them these days) and used to get annoyed at idiots who used to have things like Ranked number one in Google as part of their signature. For a childish revenge I changed my signature to Ranked number one on Google - If you do a search for carbonize that is!. Just my way of saying a high Google ranking is pointless unless its for something that is relevant to your business and going to actually get searched for.
  18. Funny how many people have reread Hitchikers guide now that the film is coming out
  19. Yes but page rank has nothing to do with where you will come in a Google search for a particular query.
  20. They use a cookie to track if you have seen the advert or not and only show it you once every 24 hours.
  21. Not strictly true. Unless the code used to create the pop ups/unders is coming from them servers all that this will do is make the pop ups/unders display a server not found message in the pop up/under window.
  22. Just did a google for linux asp hosting and only hosting I found with ASP on linux was an indian company.
  23. I have studied SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and I have discussed such things in web design forums. We are all pretty much agreed that Googles Page Ranking means diddly squat in the real world.
  24. I believe that ASP is only available on windows servers just as VBScript only works on Windows servers.
  25. Been reading the code on pantagraph.com. What is in the pop under you see in firefox? I'm at work so stuck with IE5.5. The code just uses window.open so should be blocked.
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