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  1. Wow, the head guru is here. I'm in Utica right now, I heard that you guys are in Detroit. Is this true? I'm looking forward to my new server, I hope we can get one that's located close to Detroit.
  2. I just ordered a dedicated, fully mamanged server. Does it matter if I want to move all 10 of my sites to my dedicated server, as long as they don't exceed the bandwidth? Will I still pay $4.00 a month for the shared server domains, or are they now included in the $219.99 price? I have one site that will stream audio 24/7. I need very little upload and 800gig a month download. Will the 1000gig a month balance out? When you order the server, it says 500up/500down. Please let me know what you think!
  3. Hey guys, I need to stream a 6 hour long looping 60k mono audio stream to 10 locations 24/7. How much bandwidth will that consume?
  4. Hey guys, I bought this cool program from Office Max (no really). It's called The Flash Ad Creator. It allows one to insert their own pics and text into flash templates for morons. See www.gotnick.com. I want to position my flash in my header, which is a .jpeg photo. I use Frontpage, but I also own the macromedia suite, I just barely know how to use it. I am currently using an extra layer to insert the flash into the hearder, but different screen resolutions will cause my flash element to move around in the header, since it's not anchored down. I can't use a frame
  5. Hey guys, I just bought a new site yesterday from Total Choice for my web store. I have built an oscommerce site at another Total Choice domain and I want to move it over to the new site. The old site was www.xmfleet.com/xm and the new site is www.satdelivered.com. This isn't your average OSCommerce site. It's supercharegd with CRE Loaded and I bought a flash template for it as well (I know I'm cheating). So I don't want to simply create a fresh install on the new server, I want to transfer all of this work over to it. I don't have any products in it yet, but getting the CRE loade
  6. Hey guys, Does anyone know how to incorperate a "members only" area to a web site? Is there a program for this? I want to be able to allow customers to login to a "special area" with their unqiue password to see their unique page and submit information about their business. The point is to allow businesses to access their own account and change information related to how they do business with me. There is no need for cleints to upload or ftp any files, just a place to change a few fields and make a few statements for me to view later. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, I've been hosting 3 new commercial sites here since last May and I love it here. Now I'm in the middle of my biggest move - transferring my main commercial site to this host. I just noticed something in the use policy about "spam" e-mail. With my main site and main e-mail account coming here, I wonder if I'll have a problem. I send e-mails to a list of clients and prospective cleints every month or so for my DJ company, which specializes in school dances. My e-mails usually contain a request for information from pubic school districts in my state. Most of these are pas
  8. I didn't try to upload it, but thats a good idea. I gotta go do the holiday thing today with the inlaws, so my time is up. Do you mind if I emaik you tonight if I have more problems? Thanks again!
  9. I did that, and I get an internal server error. I think I need to setup the required fields too. I'll keep playing with it!
  10. So I can just drop the PHP file into my account, modify the code a bit, and that should do it? Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, I've transferred my site www.spacevision.tv to total choice, but one thing still does not work. I had form mail on the other server (see http://www.gotnick.com/schoolvideo/availability.html ) that allows me to receive "check availabitlity" forms and request forms from customers. Now I'm about to transfer my main site www.gotnick.com to total choice, but I need to replace this form mail script with something capatable on the total choice server. I don't know that much about creating scripts and their different creation tools, but I can read the instructions and learn quic
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