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  1. Tried that once, and the other two programs they offer. Can't say I was overly impressed with them. the main reasons I like PS Pad are syntax hilighting, code snippets, code completion, FTP (very important) and mostly that it doesn't need installing and so can be run from my USB Stick (which now also has Apache, PHP and MySQL on it thanks to this thread ).
  2. Just like to add I started re-reading some of Ian Banks sci-fi work after playing Halo 2 on the Xbox (a bit to much) as the Halo universe is based upon his works and the Halo it's self is taken from his first book Remember Phlebos.
  3. I'm currently reading Dark Tower VII - The Dark Tower by Stephen King. Think i have read everything he has published. I have also read every discworld story as well. I have a personal library of over 200 books, all of which I have read, which annoys my better half as she thinks they are wasting space. I remember reading The Hobbit when I was about 13 because the book came free with the Commodore 64 game.
  4. Can anybody supply any exact links to sites where the pop ups are getting through? I'd like to have a look when I get home in 12 hours or so.
  5. Yes lite comes with PHP 5 but PHP 5 still supports PHP 4 functions and code. What I am saying is that while it's all very well learning PHP 5 it is no good writing scripts using functions that only exist in PHP 5 as your host, like most peoples hosts, only supply you with PHP 4.
  6. If anybody else is thinking of downloading Xampp to help them with their PHP scripting I'd recommend the lite version as the full version comes with a lot of excess baggage aimed at full servers. as you can see the full version includes an SMTP server, stats script, FTP server etc all of which you will have no need of.
  7. I just downloaded the lite version of Xampp. It only has the essentials and the self extractor is only 9MB. I just installed it on my USB Stick. It's about 50MB extracted.
  8. While PHP 5 is great and more powerful than PHP 4 you are still best learning PHP 4 as thats what most hosts use. Also if, like me, you make scripts that are for public use then you HAVE to use PHP 4 as this is the most common version. Anyway even if you are writing scripts for your own use Total Choice Hosting uses PHP 4.3.10.
  9. I remember downloading an 80MB file on dial up once. I was getting about 3K/sec and it took about 13 hours :| Does Xampp need installing or can it be run from a usb stick/thumb drive? It would be great if I could carry a server, PHP and MySQL database on my stick as I could then do more work on the guestbook whilst in work.
  10. And for your PHP scripting I recommend a program called PS Pad. It's free, small and portable.
  11. Tried the search box but only made a few cents from it. Unless you run a tutorial site or support site most people will have no need to search.
  12. that so called exploit doesn't make sense to me. Yes some downloads open a new window but Firefox only opens that window if you actually click a link. Automatically created windows get stopped.
  13. I mostly learnt by reverse engineering peoples scripts. I eventually bought a book though. I purchased PHP for the world wide web b Larry Ullman. It's mostly for PHP4 but also covers 5.
  14. Most scripts these days though expect register_globals to be turned off and so code around it. Only older scripts may still use them in which case I would, as a host, recommend updating them. As for home written scripts they should be politely educated in the art of making secure scripts.
  15. hmm Night TCH-Don, goodnight Montyy, goodnight Jimbob............................
  16. Dysfunctional, backstabbing and only get together for the holidays?
  17. Yup I always use $_POST, $_GET etc. Had problem with a certain previous host that Helpbytes has just had the sense to leave when I was just learning PHP. I was using includes o display my site and someone showed me most of my secure files :|
  18. You are saying you have register globals turned on on your servers?
  19. To achieve which part? the filtering of unwanted adverts?
  20. Wow just noticed that this thread had been dead for over a year until OWC posted.
  21. I have been using Adsense for over a year now and it's great. I average $170 a month (Shame the dollar is so weak though as I only end up with about £90 but hey it's money for nothing). They do let you block adverts you do not want on your site, all you have to do is put the advert into your filter list. As stated above they only pay out if you made $100 that month, if you don't then it rolls over until you reach the end of a month where you have accumalated oevr $100 and then send the money. Given that my current hosting only costs me $59 a year I can safely say it's paid for it. Just remember though that a lot of hosts files that people can download actually block the adsense adverts as do some ad stoppers and firewalls.
  22. BTW I should point out that the Freddy who wrote the image verification script for me is Helpbytes in this forum.
  23. Hey I'm new here and feel I have a right to have my say so
  24. Yup I only see the placeholders as well in Helpbytes link. the image link for the first one is http://serveruk1.totalchoicehosting.com/mrtg/index-day.png
  25. If your bank is as lazy as mine it is just going off the useragent. My bank only like Netscape and IE but they do give you the option to carry on with the login. But if I tell Firefox to pretend it's IE I just go straight to the login screen.
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