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  1. Are you using the latest AIM/ICQ plugin? There was a recent update. Click Help - Check for updates to see.
  2. So tell OE to let you open attachments. It's in the options, under security I think. Anyway my experience with Pegasus mail was short and sweet. Well short anyway. I installed it and it looks very pretty and all. Three days later my computer dies and I have to format. Is Pegasus to blame? Probably not but I refuse to touch it again. The Bat has some nice features like being able to set up exactly how forwarded emails look and replies. Other than that it's ugly and not very user friendly. I never have any problems with OE. I do like Thunderbird and would use it as my default client but there is no point me installing it as my other half just uses OE and we share a machine. Operas mail client used to be good but the new version sucks in my opinion.
  3. Erisande which version of Trillian? As to the backing up buddy lists why? All messenger services now store your buddy list serverside so as soon as you connect you will get the atest version sent to you. I rememebr the good old days when ICQ stored it locally, damn that was a pain when you formatted and had to reinstall.
  4. Obviously not an April fools then. I still use Yahoo as my main email provider due to the fact Gmail wont let you send not receive executables. I reckon we should have a fill your gmail day where everyone sends themselves loads of bulky emails to try and fill their inbox to see what happens
  5. >ALTER TABLE `cpg132_pictures` ADD `ptime` INT NOT NULL AFTER `ctime`
  6. Whilst I am a mod on the proxy2 forums and helper in chief I am not the sites owner nor the maker of the scripts. The person who actually owns Proxy2 doesn't seem to interested in it nor his scripts these days. His forum has been defaced for 3 days now and I emailed him as soon as it happened.
  7. Yes but maybe being that Gmail is a different section it's a different April fools. I mean to have the storage space slowly going up with a dynamic javascript counter of it on the login page along with a crude drawing of a graph.
  8. As it says in the read me that comes with the update you need to update the version number stored in your database. Oh and the file in question, update_to_latest.php, needs top go in the install folder of the forum if I remember right which is stupid as the board wont run until you have deleted the install directory lol.
  9. I hate companies that think they are better than their customers (if that makes sense). Another company I have personally had problems with recently is the main ISP of Turkey. I have had a lot of attempts at accessing my sites guestbook using an exploit that exists in older versions of it. They all came from users of ttnet.net.tr but this wonderful ISP, who appears to be connected to the goverment, does not have an abuse@, support@ or even sales@ email address and there is only a single email address to be found on their website that gets bounced back due to it getting forwarded to a now nonexistant email address.
  10. So it is. Couldn't find details but saw the image. Just thought maybe one of the techs had been playing.
  11. And there was I thinking that Mozilla/Firefox DID support 128 bit encryption if not stronger. I'd tell Citibank that unless their IT department starts to live in the here and now you'll find a bank who's IT department will. I have found several companies who's sites are IE/NS only but if you email them they tend to apologise and add Mozilla/Firefox/Opera to the allowed list.
  12. Are you sure your bank only works in IE or does it just say this? My bank says it only works in IE and Netscape but gives you the option to login as normal but at your own risk BUT if I change the user agent Firefox sends out to that of IE 6 I don't get this message. Most times you get something like this it is only checking the useragent string and will probably work better in Firefox than IE anyway.
  13. I think the story is an April fools. If you look at the login page you see a counter showing how much storage people have and it's counting up. There is also a very rough drawing of a comparison chart between them and other suppliers.
  14. Lol no but I don't think it's a good idea to be posting a link to my PHP Info page.
  15. Lol no. If you do a phpinfo()you get a list of all server and PHP variables. in top right is usually a pic of the PHP logo but on my server I geta dog called Nadia.
  16. Ok who has been playing with your PHP and who is Nadia?
  17. As quoted above they are not doubling it. They are gradually increasing it to 2GB and then further. But who the heck needs even 1Gb of space? In over 7 years of net using I have never even used 6 MB. I think their saying they offer X amount of email space is like hosts that say they offer unlimited space. If everyone actually tried to use it all I'm sure they would soon impose restrictions.
  18. Always remember to uninstall your current mozilla/Firefox before installing an newer version otherwise you may get conflicts.
  19. if yu have no modifications you can simply download the changed files and replace your current ones with them.
  20. You can actually download a file that tells you how to manually update the forum script. it's time sonsuming but if, like me, you have heavily modded your forum it's the only way to go. the login as admin exploit of phpBB pre 2.0.13 is to damn easy and http://proxy2.de/forum is an example of what can happen.
  21. My main gripe with IPB and it's skins is the fac tthey are stored as MySQL fields which makes it harder to edit manually. I only had the efault skin on my copy of IPB2 but it was still taking up almost 5MB of MySQL space.
  22. Whoops missed that directory out when editing my scripts after moving to TC. Thanks for pointing it out. Most of the modifications are also in my forum.
  23. Pro only I'm afraid. Closest you can get to it in Basic is to make a new group for each metacontact. This is what Trillian actually does as I found out when I dropped from Pro to basic.
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