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    Music, Open Source Computing and the mighty Portsmouth FC.

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  1. hiiiieeee ya !! Anyone able to put together a little logo for me? My graphical ability extends only as far as making abstract pictures using the square color fill tool in mspaint. I can even chuck a few pennies into a paypal account for it if you like. My fingers are crossed here - well not literally, it would be hard to type - but well, figuratively. Bu wait, I here you say - I have the same artistic ability as you. Though, I sometimes use the circle tool. But, I'd like to help, how can I? I am glad you asked Here is the site I am building ......... go on, click it you KNOW you want to ..... and as you can see at the moment it has this dodgy tempate graphic. That needs to go. And quickly. What do you think the logo should look like? Should it be rectangles of different colors? Of course not. cheeers big ears, john
  2. Hi there, Have you seen rentacoder.com ? There you leave a job requirement and various freelance programmers bid for the work. Does anyone know of a similar type site for grahpics work? I am putting together a spec at the moment, and would like to offer it out to tender. Cheers, John
  3. Aesome man thank you!!! Although I dont er...... really have any competitors for this site - check out opensourcemusic.info - I think the FAQ code is working now. I have seen that start with revision info and stuff like that - do you think I should include this?
  4. Is there any correct etiquette, or format. What makes a good FAQ? I have had a look online but not found anything yet - anyone have any ideas? thanks in advance,
  5. oh man thank you so much!!! That had me really worried. Thanks again
  6. opensourcemusic.info Hi there, I am building the above site, and I clicked onto it today to be greeted with a pop up asking me to accept a security certificate! WTF?!?! I have never set one of those up - at least I dont think I have. Can someone please have a look at it for me?!?!?! Thanks, John
  7. I have a domain which is currently a mt blog. I'd like to remove the blog, and install a mambo CMS there. What do I delete? Thanks, John
  8. pompey_john


    Wow. I missed that link!!
  9. pompey_john


    anytime dude. For more mambo help ... check out mambers.com for lots of mambo help and advice (I am on their as pompeyjohn - contact me if you like) also from Monday, 18th to Sunday, 24th July this year mambers will open up a special forum where Mambers help other Mambers. Pop in, ask questions. It should be a great help and of value to everyone in the community. * The Helping Hands Week forum: http://www.mambers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=204 * Register at Mambers.com: http://www.mambers.com/register.php
  10. pompey_john


    By TCH Administrators are you referring to the board admin on this forum? I dont think the board admin and the support desk are the same people. Best to raise a ticket at the help desk. From this page click web hosting home (in the banner) then choose the help desk sub option from the support menu.
  11. pompey_john


    I have the same problem, and I think it has something to do with the owner permissions on the web server. For some strange reasons some directories and files are installed/uploaded without the owner being set. This means that you cant modify the files, delete them etc... I think there are two ways you can go about this. The first is to ask the wonderful people on the support desk to set you as the owner. This should be a relatively easy and quick thing for them to do. Although it must be mundane and frustrating at times. The alternative is to download an administrator component called mambo xplorer. This will give you full access to do whatever - in a file manager style using mambo - on the server. It might not be able to do all things though. Still it is certainly worth checking out. Hope that all helps
  12. I tried Total Commander, and it couldnt get into the file then after much googling I found a program called tar repair or (something like that) which also could not get into it. So now I am stuck with a backup I cant get into. And really need to. Do you know if TCH provide backups in special circumstances like this? I really hope so. Thanks for the tips though Don, it was certainly worth a try.
  13. Hi there, I ran a full backup the other day which generated a (monster 500 meg) tar.gz file. I opened this up in Ark (I use ubuntu) and to make things a bit easier I started deleting the content inside the archive that I didnt need. And then my laptop overheated and shut itself off. Now I cant get into the archive. Anyone know of a good recovery zipfix type tool. Pref linux but win32 is fine. Fingers crossed someone does, because the account has since been deleted and this backup file is my only hope of recovering some much needed graphics files! Thanks in advance
  14. pompey_john


    sorry have nothing to add solution wise, but suggest you ask over at mambers
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