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  1. LOVE that link! Thanks! I am reading it now! Weezy The image is not supposed to scroll. Weezy
  2. Thanks Thomas - that actually is the coding I used to put the main frame in the middle of the gate for that website. I want to be able to use an image in the scoll bar on the far right. Weezy
  3. No, but that is FREAKIN' KEWL! THANKS LISA! I just love that, never seen that before! Weezy
  4. Hmmm.. thanks for your reply Don't most people use IE? Thanks Marie! I am looking on Google now too. LOL Weezy
  5. Do you guys know how to insert and image into the scroll bar? For example - In this site: http://www.shilohcorral.com/welcome.htm I want to use the sky as an image in the scroll bar Thanks! Weezy
  6. THIS IS GREAT! Awesome! Thanks! Weezy
  7. It's all a mystery... LOL! Thanks for your reply! Weezy
  8. Yes, its very odd eh? Like that domain situation, it took three days for it to recognize it, after the internet already did. Weezy
  9. Like the network of computers at my office. Our network/ISP - nothing to do with TCH. Weezy
  10. I wonder if I have some bug in my work network as things go wacko then they work. Very odd. Before I was seeing all kinds of mysql errors all over the page.. VERY ODD! LOL Weezy
  11. Whooaaa...now its working? Thats odd! Weezy
  12. I don't know, just what I see on the screen... I have never seen all the jibberish before so I have no idea.. Did you try the link? Weezy
  13. http://www.whoahorse.com/forum/ What is this, does anyone know? Weezy
  14. http://www.horseblog.com/ Is mine up to date? Weezy
  15. I think the help desk is one of the best things about TCH... I try very hard to help my customers like TCH does, as fast as possible! I remember having to get help from a domain site once, I got a reply they would get back to me in 12-48 hours. EEEEK! LOL! Weezy
  16. Yay! It's working now, and so is my other one I was having DNS issues with. Just how attached to our domains are we??? LOL Weezy
  17. I will do that, thanks.. Weezy
  18. I can't see any of my sites or send any email... Is the server down my sites are on or is it me? eg.. http://www.whoahorse.com Weezy
  19. Well its a great feature! My other host used to charge me 3/4 of the full hosting price to park a domain. YAY TCH! Weezy
  20. Before I cheer for TCH is parking a domain on another domain free for everyone? LOL Weezy
  21. LOL That's what I said to the person who wanted me to work on adult sites. Weezy
  22. Very good points about PDF. Since I don't do much printing of documents thats why I have never seen the value of PDF but I do now! ESP the font situation. TO THE ORIGINAL POSTER: Are you making a search engine? Weezy
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