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  1. Very Odd. Why not try and see what happens. Weezy
  2. Does anyone know why the smilies aren't working? http://whoahorse.com/forum/index.php?act=P...CODE=02&f=1&t=3 Weezy
  3. Did you guys watch that on TV last night? The Swam Pageant? Its amazing how people can change... http://www.fox.com/swan/home.htm With a ton of plastic surgery .. LOL! Weezy
  4. That seems very odd that they won't let you transfer registrars. What message are you getting? BTW, I don't recommend letting your domain expire, many people are waiting to squat on unloved domains and turn them into gambling halls. LOL! Weezy
  5. Hey Tattoo.. what is the coding in your post that tells people their IP and such, that is very kewl! Weezy
  6. Raul that truly touched my heart and soul. What a wonderful post! Weezy
  7. Hmm.. Did have the contact mail there.. never got the warning.. Weezy
  8. Hmmm.. I get the other warnings, but not bandwith. I will check that account itself and see if has an email addy there... Thanks! Weezy
  9. Is there anyway in the WHM or CPANEL to set up bandwith warnings like their is for Quota? Weezy
  10. Congrats on your speaking engagement! Hey love your wench site... can anyone join? Weezy
  11. Have a great Christmas Thomas! Too cute that photo! Weezy
  12. He is nifty isn't he? I wish I could have got closer Be careful, you might catch a moose! LOL HAHA... nice rack Rob! LOL I think the Moose left him in the back 40. LOL Glad you all liked that moose.. he is huge eh? Weezy
  13. I have installed several of the galleries - never had any troubles, until the last one I just did and you have to add that path info. Man I was pulling my hair out until one of the techies in the other thread helped! Weezy
  14. Looks good/works great! Weezy
  15. Downtown Las Vegas *LOL* Next: A
  16. Hi and welcome to TCH! What FTP program are you using? Weezy
  17. Here I was thinking it was the blonde in my hair holding me back. Weezy
  18. I keep getting this error: Error: You must specify a path for netpbm or ImageMagick for Gallery to function!! And I have specified that on the first page... grrrr Weezy
  19. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, thats it.. I downloaded a new version of the gallery, working with it now. Does the quote button not work on the forum? Weezy
  20. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/id168.htm Isn't there supposed to be directions on there about changing set up permissions? Or did I miss it? Is there a new version of gallery we should use? Weezy
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