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  1. Thanks for the speedy reply. I wanted the confirmation before I bought. I'll go ahead now. thanks, Andy
  2. Hi all, I have a quick question about purchasing another domain name to take over my main website. The background is that I have a domain name (www.domain1.com) that is currently taking my email, ftp and the main website. I now want to move the main website to another domain (www.domain2.com). I don't want either the email or ftp to be moved (these stay at www.domain1.com). Is this possible on a silver account? and how would I go about it? thanks, Andy
  3. I have searched this but can't find specific instructions that work. I have wordpress in its own folder www.subdomain.domain/blog I also have a redirect from the main domain to subdomain here so if you go to www.domain it will go to www.subdomain.domain/blog (complicated) But the address shown on the site is always www.subdomain.domain. How can I move the files so it is www.domain ? or is there another way to do this? thanks, Andy
  4. Is there any way I can place chinese characters into a post? At the moment I can paste in the charaters but once I save the post the text turns into ???????????. What can I do about this? thanks in advance Andy
  5. Just watching the opening ceremony now.
  6. Has anyone used QuickAds yet? Does it work? and which file in wordpress do you copy the CODE snippet into? thanks, Andy
  7. Okay, I figured this one out. I had to look into phpmyadmin to change the settings back. These instructions helped http://www.tamba2.org.uk/wordpress/site-url/ thanks all.
  8. What have I done? In the settings of wordpress I changed the URL settings (why I don't know, I thought they would simplify the url shown at the top). Now when I try to access both blog and admin page I am being redirected to another page that doesn't work. Is there a way to correct this? thanks, Andy
  9. okay, thank you. I will try to see what happens.
  10. Hmm, so can I change this in cpanel? I need to work out when my cron job scripts will run. Where can I find the settings in cpanel? thank you Andy
  11. Is there anyway to set the server to be in my timezone? otherwise what is the timezone of server31 by GMT? thanks, Andy
  12. Hi all, I am still new to this, and only have a few basic needs (for now). Basically, I fill a folder daily with images (stop motion type) and then backup the days worth of images. I would then need to delete them ready for the next day. Is this a good script to use: rm /home/username/public_html/webcam1/*.jpg and do I just run it as a cron command? thank you in advance for any help Andy
  13. Thank you for your help, but I thought I had all that. Anyway, some nice support person must have looked into it for me as I see that they have changed the cron command and now it works (hurray). Thank you whoever it was.
  14. I remember V, although I only watched the first few - enough to see the rat being eaten ! that was enough.
  15. I'm hoping someone can tell me where I am going wrong. I am trying to set a cron job to back-up a folder of jpegs on a daily basis - to a zip file. I am using the script mentioned by TCH-Bruce, but am getting the following error. >/home/busybea/backupscript.php: line 1: ?php: No such file or directory /home/busybea/backupscript.php: line 2: //: is a directory /home/busybea/backupscript.php: line 3: //: is a directory /home/busybea/backupscript.php: line 3: PHP: command not found /home/busybea/backupscript.php: line 4: //: is a directory /home/busybea/backupscript.php: line 6: syntax error near unexpected token `|' /home/busybea/backupscript.php: line 6: `// | Can anyone tell me what is wrong? My original PHP script starts with: >// setup variables $remove_file = "no"; // remove file when done -- recommended! $path= '/home/username/folder full of pics/'; // Full path to backup $zipfile = "your.zip"; // backup file name $zippath = "/home/username/folder full of pics"; // path to save backup file $send_email = "no"; // Do you want this backup sent to your email? Fill out the next 2 lines $to = "you@yourdomain.ext"; // Who to send the emails to $from = "backup@yourdomain.ext"; // Who should the emails be sent from? $senddate = date("j F Y"); $subject = "Backup - $senddate"; // Subject in the email to be sent. $message = "Your backup is attached to this email"; // Brief Message. $use_ftp = "no"; // Do you want this backup uploaded to an ftp server? Fill out the next 4 lines $ftp_server = "localhost"; // FTP hostname $ftp_user_name = ""; // FTP username $ftp_user_pass = ""; // FTP password $ftp_path = "/"; // This is the path to upload on your ftp server! // Do not Modify below this line! and I haven't changed anything else. thank you Andy
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