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  1. Wow 2000 hits a day? Thats very good! Is this at the website you have linked in your post? I don't let people advertise on my sites as that is why I have domains - NO BANNERS! LOL I guess the money would be nice if they were willing to pay alot? I know I checked into advertising on a few sites and some are per hit and some by time. Weezy
  2. I will PM you Lisa.. AKA Miss Smarty Pants Weezy
  3. Can someone help me some CSS coding? Weezy
  4. JIM! This site looks VERY interesting. I am going to try to find some time to read up on all the info there! Thanks for the link! Weezy
  5. I think Thomas explained it really well - The other thing about reselling is it gives you the chance to grow - and expand. You will also have unique nameservers - I really like that! Weezy
  6. LMAO ROB! You are such a Weezy
  7. Welcome! You will love TCH and the helpful people that hang out here... Weezy
  8. Thanks that is really helpful advice!! Weezy
  9. This is scarey - but not new to the web world. It's just easier for the domain squatters now. Where do people find the time to do this kind of stuff? Spam, squatting, etc? I wish they would do charity work instead with all their free time. Weezy
  10. Thanks again Rick - this works perfect! Weezy
  11. Thanks Thomas! I am sure my client is really excited to get loading her photos! Thanks again for all your help! Weezy
  12. THOMAS!!! You did an awesome job on Coppermine!! http://www.snsfarms.net/gallery/ It was way easier to configure then gallery - GREAT INSTRUCTIONS THOMAS!! Weezy
  13. Thanks Rick! That is so excellent! I will try that for sure!! Weezy
  14. Thanks thats a good idea, but I have way too many with this problem..I will just peck away at them. LOL! I sure hope other people read this thread and set their mail default early in the life of a domain. Weezy
  15. I will have a better look at that, I thought it was page by page.. Weezy
  16. For sure Thomas! Does anyone know a quick and easy way to clean out the inbox at cpanel? Weezy
  17. I am making it a practice now - when I set up a new account in whm - I configure their email for them to prevent this from happening again. Good lesson learned! Weezy
  18. Wow, thanks for posting about that - I just emailed my clients about this. I don't use AOL myself... Weezy
  19. CONGRATS YOU TWO!! LOL! You crack me up! Weezy
  20. I will look into that - thanks again! Weezy
  21. Thanks Thomas I will do that for sure! Weezy
  22. Today I learned a good lesson. I just checked my web mail and I have 1400 emails waiting for me. I have discoverd that if people send email to me at any address with my domain at the end it seems to store it in the web mail rather then send it back saying 'no address found' .. Is there a way to avoid this? For example I have had lots of people email me at weezt@ rather then weezy@ and it stored the email. OUCH, I have alot of spam too. LOL! Weezy
  23. I will for sure - THANKS! Weezy
  24. Hey Raul! I think I will try Coppermine next! Thanks for all your awesome help! Weezy
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