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  1. What is the link to your gallery? Or what you are using coppermine for? Weezy
  2. # -FrontPage- IndexIgnore .htaccess */.??* *~ *# */HEADER* */README* */_vti* <Limit GET POST> order deny,allow deny from all allow from all </Limit> <Limit PUT DELETE> order deny,allow deny from all </Limit> AuthName www.hoofprints.ca AuthUserFile /home/photos/public_html/_vti_pvt/service.pwd AuthGroupFile /home/photos/public_html/_vti_pvt/service.grp ------------------------------ Above is my .htaccess file, where do I enter that info? Thanks for all your help guys! Weezy
  3. Does anyone know the coding to this? I'd like people to see this when they come to a broken link at my photo website. Thanks! Weezy
  4. Can I see what you did? I am really interested as I work with both these programs alot. Weezy
  5. YIKES - OK THANKS! Your help is much appreciated! Weezy
  6. This is my first attempt at adding video to a website. My client mailed me a DVD of movie clips. Formats I see in this disk are: .VOB .IFO .BUP Are any of these proper formats to load to the web? Most that I have seen are MPG? Any thoughts? Weezy
  7. Thanks for your help - that is great! Weezy
  8. I will check out the gallery you mentioned Weezy
  9. Can I show you what I am thinking of? Weezy
  10. You know I used to really like Gallery, but now I like Coppermine way more. It has some way kewl features! Weezy
  11. Do any of you have any idea what software those huge dating sites are using? I know we are not allowed to name links are we? Any help would be appreciated. Weezy
  12. Why not try loading it directly to your file manager in CPanel? Weezy
  13. Thanks you guys are all really so very helpful! Weezy
  14. I am working on a new site and wondering if most computers have Tempus Sans ITC in their font memory area? If not, is there a code you can use to default to another font if the viewer doesn't have this particular font? Do you know what I mean? Weezy
  15. The help desk is truly awesome - I agree! Weezy
  16. I totally agree with you. I am thankful that almost all of my clients have their domains with me and all of them but one host with me. When a site is down that isn't hosted with me & I have to help the client with their host.. it is so frustrating! The only problem I see with this free thing - you have to do it from the start of your web design business. If you decide to do it later you have to offer it to all of your previous clients as well. Weezy
  17. Wow, you are very talented with flash! Nice sites!!! I am sure you could find lots of clients! Weezy
  18. Yes, I have had some experience with that. I figured that this fellow kinda was up on that issue and might know the difference? Weezy
  19. One question.. how could you ever leave such a great place??? I bet you were homesick. Looking forward to seeing what info you got stored up. he he Weezy
  20. You can find a lot by searching Google Images Weezy
  21. Is that you on the horse? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Why, yes it is! Here is a link to an album of my horse photos. http://www.hoofprints.ca/photos/thumbnails.php?album=32 Weezy
  22. You could also park it on your new domain Weezy
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