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  1. After spending some time trying to get the hang of the new file manager in the new CPanel. I thought I was in the wrong account when I first logged into my CPanel last night because of the new look, I gave up and submitted a help ticket. It was then I learned you kept the old file manager and have it under Legacy File Manager. I just want to say how grateful I am that you kept the old file manager. I love the old file manager and thought I was never going to be able to edit my files because I just couldn't get the hang of the new CPanel file manager. I have to say though the new file manager looks really cool and spiffy, it's just not for me. So thank you so, so much for keeping the old file manager. Has a new look, but the familiarity is still there.
  2. I can't even update mine from the Admin Panel, I keep getting an error message. I'm trying to register on their forums, but I've yet to receive my activation e-mail so I can finish registering. My board is on an account that's not hosted by TCH.
  3. I recently had my account suspended, and it was due to fault of my own. But TCH Technician Dick was super nice about it. And given the problem that led to my account being suspended, he could of been anything but...it was due to a script I was running on my account. It's TCH people like him that continue to show me why I've stayed with TCH for so long now. Once again, thanks Dick and I apologize for the problems I caused.
  4. After you've submitted a help ticket? I submitted one because my inbox on my mail account was showing a huge number of messages. I've tried for weeks to totally empty the folder, but I don't know what I was doing wrong. So I submitted a help ticket for it. And now hours after I have, I got it empty on my own. I feel like I've just wasted the Tech Supports valuable time.
  5. Lee, if you don't mind me asking you this. That theme you use is real close to the pink one called Salava. How in the world did you get your banner up at the top there? Because I changed the logo in the right place, but my banner won't show up on the Salava theme. And I have the banner I want uploaded in the images folder on the theme.
  6. I just went through it, thanks. The only thing I can't find is how to put a Board banner or logo up at the top to make the board more attractive.
  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Gail. I appreciate it. And I never thought to check under the profile. I was going into the Admin panel.
  8. Thanks Don. It was staring me right in the face and I still didn't see it. I got a dumb question, but I'm going to post it anyway's. Any way to stay in the topic after they post? As it is right now, after they hit post, they're sent back to the list of topics, instead of staying right inside the one they posted in.
  9. I love SMF, so far so good. The question I have is this. Is there any way to turn off that notice that lets you know someone has replied while you posted? I know most people don't care to preview their posts first. Any way to turn the notice off? I can't find how if there is.
  10. Thanks cajunman4life, I downloaded SMF and got it uploaded and installed without any problems whatsoever. Now, the fun task is explaining to my forum posters that the problem I had with Invision is not the hosting company's fault.
  11. I'll check the SMF out. Does anyone know how good YABB is?
  12. That's just it, if it has been hacked, I've never heard of anyone who just does that. And that's all that's wrong with it.
  13. I'm using version 1.2. I'm using the free one because I can't afford to buy a license for it.
  14. I run a message forum and I use Invision Power board. Never had any problems with it until yesterday. The problem is: Every single member is showing as unregistered. And I have no admin power on the board anymore. There is nothing else wrong. All posts are still there. And it's stuck on only 4 registered members. Anyone every heard of that problem before?
  15. I've been wanting to try some of those other gallery scripts out. But I've never been able to figure them out. Took me over six months to figure out Coppermine. And now TCH is making it easier for me to use something other than Coppermine. I'm glad I picked this hosting company.
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