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  1. I couldn't agree more - I think that is the number one mistake people make in sales... Weezy
  2. I think the new forum is awesome! WTG! Weezy
  3. whoahorse


    Really Thomas - you were VERY VERY helpful! That SQL stuff makes me SQUIRellly LOL! Weezy
  4. Here is a link to my doggies: My Woofies
  5. I am really impressed with the knowledge of canine's in this thread. I have four dogs (would have forty if I could). Two are Jack Russells - everyone says to me "OH THEY ARE HYPER". Just like Pit Bulls, I think until a person owns a dog - lives with it and loves it - they never ever really know the breed. I have seen this video several places and people just have no idea how much little dogs can do as far as damage and biting - as much as large breeds. You don't often hear of a spaniel killing a human - true - but many other breeds are way worse for biting then pit bulls! Weezy
  6. whoahorse


    THANKS TO THOMAS! I am finally blogging Now I can report from Vegas! lol Thanks for all your help Thomas!!!! Thumbs Up Weezy
  7. You know how I search? Go to Google, type in the name of the item you need and hit images Weezy
  8. THANKS THOMAS! That helped a ton! Weezy
  9. All the old sites seems to be AWOL? What are people using now to find free skins? Weezy
  10. Thanks for that great info! The problem I am having is I want to use my own domain and set up the blog there ... Weezy
  11. I know it doesn't look hard. LOL! I can't even set up the first page - LOL!!! I want to get blogging *WAH* I'll PM you the info if you want to look at it - Weezy
  12. Right now I have one type: http://www.horseblog.com I'd be willing to switch to something else. I just can't get past where I am now. LOL Weezy
  13. I was wondering if I could hire a techie that knows blogging to get my software set up? Does anyone know how to do this? Weezy
  14. Hey is part of future proof having a website that is viewed better at 800 or 1000 settings? Any thoughts? Weezy
  15. He's been eating a lot of banana's lately. Thats one cute banana.. I saw some dancing like that last weekend - LOL! Weezy
  16. I think that is excellent - I am going to look one up I have done - http://web.archive.org/web/20031203153354/...arterhorses.ca/ vs now http://www.justabitoquarterhorses.ca/welcome.htm
  17. Your Gorilla got bigggger! Weezy
  18. Yes, I noticed that it logs old pages! Very interesting for sure Weezy
  19. Have you guys ever seen this? http://www.archive.org/web/web.php I found it while looking at referring links in my awstats. What is the purpose of this website? Weezy
  20. Lisa.... it's much faster now Weezy
  21. Wow amazing post! Thanks for sharing! Weezy
  22. Wow that is so nice of you to offer! I would love to come but I already have my tickets for NFR in Vegas! Take lots of photos!! Weezy
  23. I will have a looksie thanks you guys! Weezy
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