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  1. BTW, Thomas, thanks. You are one heckuva Helpful Guy!!!! Weezy
  2. Oh that is all so over my head. I like coppermine, I am trying to convince him to let me install it. LOL Weezy
  3. I am guessing that too, but I don't even know where to begin looking. LOL! Weezy
  4. Hope you can help her.. She asked this... does anyone know of a linux based host with asp enabled too? i know allot of windows based hosting with php on but i cant seem to find it the other way around. Weezy
  5. Any ideas? It won't allow me to create thumbnails.... I posted at the support forum for gallery but had no luck... Thanks! Weezy
  6. Thanks you guys, this thread really helped me tonight! Weezy
  7. I dug up this thread today again - I had the same problem with spam. I parked a domain on my main site and forgot to set that domain to :fail: OMG! I had one szzzeilllion emails. It's great that this info is always here if we need it. I forgot which email program was most useful in deleting lots of emails all at once. Weezy
  8. Thanks for the posts, I just recovered this thread Weezy
  9. Do any of you know of a classifieds script we can install for free? Thanks! Weezy
  10. I actually paid to buy the usage of CUTE FTP. I tried so many others and it was the only one I really liked Weezy
  11. Welcome to TCH! Glad to have you aboard! Weezy
  12. I am just glad I have high speed. LOL It's a learning process eh? Weezy
  13. Thanks Thomas! I am trying to install autopilot. Yesterday I loaded everything in the wrong format so I have to start all over. Weezy
  14. Does anyone know how to set Cute FTP to upload files in binary? Weezy
  15. Hey there is another thread about the coin program here, you may want to read it? Weezy
  16. I use Incredimail at home and it will allow me to receive domain email but often I get an error when it trys to send (if I am replying to an email that came to my domain email account and then to incredimail). Any ideas? Weezy
  17. It's OK, I gave up. Installing coppermine now. LOL Weezy
  18. Could a smarty pants techie go throu the new version of gallery and update the help page? I am stuck installing the new version. Weezy
  19. Hey Thomas, I am sure you can relate. Weezy
  20. awww.. no probs. I think I expect the same kind of service from other companies now, I am spoiled. LOL Do you know what I mean? Weezy
  21. Here are a few things I am very thankful to TCH for (after dealing with some other domain and hosting companies with new clients I have). * Thank you for returning emails. Simple concept! * Thank you for speaking in a language I understand. LOL * Thank you for having a wonderful help desk that is always there even for the dumbest questions. * Thank you for having a website that is always working! * Thank you for your HONESTY! People go looking for other hosting companies when they feel they are being neglected or not appreciated. I think every hosting company should strive to be the type of company TCH is! Weezy
  22. I think its amazing what people will do to make money. And the things people will pay for. What next? Reality meet the computer world. Weezy
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