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  1. THANKS Bruce & Tom! You even answered the next question I was going to ask!!! Thanks a ton PHP is new to me, I never worked with it until I moved my sites to TCH and was introduced to all these totally kewl free programs! Weezy
  2. WHAT? You don't know the answer? MR SMARTY PANTS! Caught ya on one! Weezy
  3. I have the dumbest question. Can you have an index.html and an index.php in the same folder or would they conflict? I want to ask before I do something dumb here. LOL Weezy
  4. Hi there I resell hosting to my customers. I bill them yearly when their domain, hosting, and update/promotion charges come due. The reseller program is great here, esp the support! Welcome to the forums! Weezy
  5. Hey Steve! Welcome to the forums I agree TCH rocks! Weezy
  6. I installed a new gallery today, man COPPERMINE is way too kewl and very easy. Thanks Mike - I follow your tutorial alot! http://www.prowestpullers.ca/gallery/index.php Thanks, TCH, is just really the greatest. This forum has such a wealth of info! Weezy
  7. Thomas have you seen this? http://i.flowgo.com/greetings/rapeasterbun...easterbunny.swf It's a goody! Happy Easter! Weezy
  8. I am interested to see the replys as well - I had no idea the host company had any influence on SE's. Weezy
  9. Thanks Jim, your posts are so very helpful to me and you have a great way of explaining things Weezy
  10. www.top25web.com/pagerank.php Interesting site Jim! Weezy
  11. I am confused between page rank and where your link ranks on the list at google. For example, the most important search words for me are: equine web design and horse web design as that is how people find me. Equine web design I am second and horse web design I am first. I thought that was ranking but I am wrong. LOL Thats link ranking maybe? Weezy
  12. Guess what, its all good! YAY! Long story, but short version.. TCH TECHIES ROCK! Weezy
  13. Bruce I really haven't had any luck installing any versiob of gallery lately, thats why I have been using Coppermine. But this client really likes the gallery version... Weezy
  14. Well the techies are awesome, they reinstalled the old gallery, but when I try to do anything with it, it locks itself. I think we need to go to coppermine.. Weezy
  15. O M G I love TCH The techies reinstalled the old gallery. THANKS!!! Problem solved! Weezy
  16. hmmm 1.5 RC2.tar.gz www.clearhillsfarrier.ca/gallery Weezy
  17. That is very kewl Weezy
  18. Verify that the binaries (NetPBM or ImageMagick) are installed correctly and are chmodded 0755 (including the directory they are in).
  19. Yes the gallery is supposed to do it on its own. I think its permission settings but I don't know how to find the areas they speak of to check the permissions.. Weezy
  20. Well, the average idiot sees Google as the web God. I'll take a good ranking on Google anyday. LOL Weezy
  21. Hey Jim, this is a VERY imformative post.... Do you know the name of that site that actually tells the ranking of a website and its expectations for the websites future? Weezy
  22. How come you don't have more feedback posted here... http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/web-hosting-comments.html Weezy
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