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  1. There is no way I would show you my work area at home. LOL! Don, nice Turtle. Weezy
  2. I have the oddest question. I have a folder that just showed up in my files named "etc" with all kinds of password files? What is that, does anyone know? Weezy
  3. I think that this option is exspensive. Sure you are going to get spam, but I don't think hiding your email on a domain is really going to help cut down on spam that much. Weezy
  4. Thanks for the info Jim! I made a huge leap in Googles rankings in a category that is very important to me and I wanted to know why THANKS! Weezy
  5. I have a question for you search engine gurus. I recentely parked a few domains on my main design site and just checked googles rankings today and notice that not only did I move up about 3 rankings but also a new page is appearing on the google search. Does parking domains help your site move up in the rankings? Weezy
  6. Congrats Robert! You lucky guy, what a great group of techies you get to work with! Weezy
  7. Thanks for your replys! I just noticed a site that didn't seem 'typical' of the posters in this forum. LOL! Weezy
  8. What is TCH's position on 'adult' sites? Weezy
  9. Prob solved THANKS so much! Weezy
  10. That is just awesome! CONGRATS! I am so proud to be a member of TCH! Weezy
  11. I think all the techies and help staff are amazing! Weezy
  12. Oh LOL! Thanks! I don't use the format you are talking about. It's good I upgraded thou, that forum was corrupt! Weezy
  13. Thanks to Abdul Hakeem my forum is working again! My forum was corrupt But it's better now thanks to a TCH TECHIE! THANKS SO MUCH! I have one other to update.. wish me luck! LOL Weezy
  14. I keep all my HTML on my hard drive at home and work and I have all my website HTML on Disks. I never back up the forum thou. I think I read somewhere TCH does regular back ups thou? Weezy
  15. Well, I hit the "upgrade function" it said it was done successfully. Now this is my forum. http://www.whoahorse.com/forum Weezy
  16. I did install it throu cpanel.. where do I 'click' ??? weezy
  17. Is there a thread somewhere of how to updrade our forums? Weezy
  18. Rob, in another account I have three databases and I think I only have one forum running from that one? What should I do? Weezy
  19. I do have an extra one, but I think it is from the other board I used to have. How do I know which one to delete? Weezy
  20. For the blonde people.. any step by step instructions of how to do this?? Weezy
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