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  1. Bad choice, if you haven't already, download and install them. Hard question to give a difinitive answer, but the easy answer is whenever your computer is turned on Microsoft makes several "viewer" programs for its major applications which allow you to just read the files and not allow you to change or modify them. Word: h_tp://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=95e24c87-8732-48d5-8689-ab826e7b8fdf&DisplayLang=en Excel: h_tp://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=c8378bf4-996c-4569-b547-75edbd03aaf0&DisplayLang=en
  2. Have you been to the MS "Office Update" page and made sure you have all the updates available for your Office programs? ht_p://office.microsoft.com/search/redir.aspx?assetid=ES790020331033&CTT=96&Origin=CL100570421033
  3. A security company reporting problems found in another security companies programs...must be a slow period
  4. Thats the problem. You need to NOT boot from the disk, you need to go in and change your boot order so you CAN boot from the XP CD. The you will be able to remove Vista and load XP.
  5. You could install Nortons and run Disk Doctor, its killed more HD's then I can count
  6. or see if this helps h_tp://www.techspot.com/vb/topic79717.html
  7. Have you thought about a dual boot? h_tp://www.istartedsomething.com/20060622/installing-and-uninstall-vista-beta-2-for-dual-boot-with-xp/
  8. The Internet is a delivery service, its only function is to transmit "bits" from point A to point X and it does this billions and trillions of times aday. No other service or company comes close to this amount work. The Internet touches or affects more people than other service or company also. I think 10% loss is an amazing success rate. Try comparing that with any other company, does the Post Office deliver 90%? I know the Airlines have warehouses full of our luggage
  9. More money and a better job. same as above Masters takes years, Certs take months (if you can pass the tests). A lot depends on your individual cituation. For "techs" certs are good to have in most cases, experience is usually better, degrees are great but not necessary if you have the other two. But for a management position degrees are almost a must. You can start off with a couple certs and get a tech job to get some experience. While working you can go to school and get the degree. From there you can apply within for a management position or shop around. Good luck
  10. Hmmm, I hope he has a Windows disk cause I'm not 100% sure the recovery type disk will be what you need. A "Recovery CD" is usually just an image of the hard drive after everything is loaded onto the computer. You will end up with a computer hard drive looking exactly as it did when you first turn it on after purchase. The drivers you are possibly having problems with will still be there.
  11. Hey Mike, yeah I'm afraid you may need to reinstall winders, that would be my first guess. Its not always a good idea to use a hard drive thats been installed on another PC, and yes a new motherboard is the same as a different PC. The blue screen is some driver problem, its loading a driver for something on the old motherboard and it causing issues. So fdisk and format and install Windows fresh and see if that corrects it. If it doesn't you may have a flaky MB. BoB, on the road to Florida trying to avoid the fires.
  12. After reading the McCafee forum here: http://forums.mcafeehelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=106333 It appears as if you are getting false positive hits on files used by manufacturers used to keep track of and update your computer. These programs are meant to be there and are suppossedly for you own good... which is debateable in my opinion.
  13. did you mean ucchildrenschoir.org? That one was just registered and the name servers are TCH.
  14. Did you register the domain? When I do a whois on ucchildrenschoir.com it says there is no match, or is there a typo in the domain you posted?
  15. The way I see it, your ticket was created at 12:23AM and you got a reply at 12:31AM...looks like 8 minutes to me. As far as the problem, I believe Dick gave you an answer over in the other thread. He said that the bill was not paid and you needed to contact the Billing department. When the bill is not paid companies usually turn the service off until it is paid. So contact billing and they can get you straightened out. Good luck.
  16. Try reseating the memory cards. Some laptops have a compartment located on the bottom of the laptop which can be opened by removing one or two screws. Take the card(s) out and put them back in. Sometimes this will corect the problem.
  17. TCH is a low cost Web Hosting company, thats why the best bargin is only $4 a month. But for that amount you get more than other companies out there offer. You are correct, if you want support for a novice and the step-by-steps and hand holding getting your site up you will need to go elsewhere and pay a whole lot more money for that service. But, if you are willing to learn and do the research and browse around the forums and the help pages, TCH is a good place to start. The Mods are usually always close by and they try their best to help when ever someone asks.
  18. People tend to use whatever is handy. FP was pre-loaded on a lot of PC's purchased and people use it because its there. For most people it is not that complex, they could easily use the templates and quickly publish a simple web page, and thats all they wanted. Once you got into the multiple pages and more complex designs is where you probably got in over your head.
  19. Thanks Bill, I got the two emails from home but not the two from work. The two from work had a blank subject so they were probably blocked as Spam. What happened, was the MX record typed in wrong?
  20. So far I have received zero emails on my account and I was thinking this is great, the hardware was working 100% and blocking every piece of spam. I did some tests today and sent 2 emails from my work email at Verizon and they have not arrived. I also sent an one email from home on my Prodigy account and one from my wife's account on Verizon FIOS and they have not arrived either. I think the filter is working too well and is blocking everything or my mail has been turned off completely. It was working fine before the test started, I have the spam for two days before the test and nothing since then.
  21. You can submit a HelpDesk Ticket, link at the top of this page.
  22. When you think its down again run a traceroute and this will help identufy where you are have problems. More than likely its not a problem with the server but somewhere else along the way to it.
  23. Ask and ye shall receive. TCH as usual goes the extra mile for its customers. Might as well test this out during the "test". Is this a difficult step, will you be offering this option to the rest of the customers once we go live? What do I need to do on my end, do I need to enable the Spam folder option in cpanel? Or will this need to be done manually? And take your time, I am in no hurry. Just let me know and I'll be sure to tell you how its going
  24. I generally agree with what you are saying. I treat Spam differently with the different accounts I have and the different Spam blockers used with each account. The hardware filter being tested here is looking like a very good option and a great addition to TCH. On my home account I very rarely look at the spam folder which explains why I missed your email. And yes the software did a bad job in blocking but thats one of the problems with most of these programs, the baby sometimes gets thrown out with the bath water. Maybe its not all the software filtering fault, maybe its the email format the ticketing system is using ... I didn't look to see what reason the email was blocked for. I just was interested in recovering and reading at that time. My SpamKiller has been doing a pretty good job so far, it doesn't stop everything but it gets plenty. This is the first good/blocked message I've had in about 6 months, I've had 3 good/blocked that I can remember since installing the newest version of it. The last one was also a TCH ticket reply (which is why I mentioned the format) and the other was from a friend with a new email address, He sent a picture with no subject and no text and SpamKiller did the correct thing.
  25. Ok, thats what I thought. I'm not complaining, just asking questions so I can understand and evaluate what I'm seeing. So far seeing zero emails in that account has done exactly what I wanted. I was leaving the account opened just in case it needed to be ressurrected and its purpose was needed again next year. The spam was eating up disk space and it was a chore remembering to come and clean it out. Now I can keep the account and not have to clean it I guess what I'll try and do now is start sending it valid emails and see if they make it through.
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