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  1. and I have nothing to add to it It works great (http://kenny.org.il/) Thanks
  2. Thanks - I'll try this solution, and be back only if have trouble
  3. I really have a mess in my site, and I wish to make an overall. The situation is, that I started a few years ago to build my family site with "Front-page". then I added forums, and galleries, and then some sub-domains, and then I learned about CMS, and applied "Joomla" for different issues, and now, I wish to have my site built with Joomla as the main page, with links from there to existing sub-domains, including the actual site I had from the beginning. but! I can't start a new joomla installation from the root directory due to the fact that public_html exists! :-) )-: and I don't wish
  4. We dis agree on this issue. Well this is the/an answer. now I understand it (not from the "response"). 1. didn't get any notification about renewing subscription 2. how to pay the bill (that I didn't get). I just want my site back on air. I promise not to criticize any more. lesson learn t.
  5. And, sorry about the mistake of 4.5-4 $ I'm not good with numbers, dates, and names. Sorry! my mistake. I do appritiet that the volume grow from 400MB to 700M.
  6. Well the topic was locked, so I need to restart it. you response was fast!!! and my site was shot down. and what my users got since then, is: The site you are attempting to access is temporarily unavailable. If you are the site owner please contact your system administrator. Thank you TCH you are efficient in teaching your customers a lesson. I only wish to add that if I posted a ticket at: Posted On: 09 May 2007 12:23 AM getting the fallowing response: Posted On: 09 May 2007 12:31 AM Hi, I am forwarding the issue to the concerned department, they will get back to you i
  7. I don't remember when I started with TCH, but it's more then 3 years. It started as the best! less then an hour response, help also when it was way out of TCH responsibility and so on. Then, it was good. TCH, did all they where committed to. Now... it is still OK... it works. some times it doesn't work, but things are taken care of. some times my tickets, just vanish as if they never had been posted... I have the bad impression that it will deteriorate... Please don't let it happen!? I don't like moving my sites around... TIA Gil and, by the way - if you lo
  8. I - 1. changed file "lock" to "database"lock 2. on settings did most of them - Delete database cache failed to run ... it works!!! and again Thanks
  9. Looking forther into it, I found the album still exists and working well: http://kenny.org.il/pic-gall1/v/rina80/Rina80+021.jpg.html but the main page, where the albums are opend is the problem...
  10. after a lot of try&error, I finely manage to set up the "Gallery 2", and uploaded 2 albums. sent a link to a friend to validate he can see it as well, and all looked fine I sent the link to a bunch of friend a day later, and started get the responses. It does not work. Looked into it and got the fallowing error: Warning: fopen(/home/gujurejw/public_html/pic-gall1/g2data/locks/0/1/18): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/gujurejw/public_html/pic-gall1/modules/core/classes/GalleryPlatform.class on line 367 ---------------- now, I'm not a programmer, and I
  11. Well, that's because it was fixed later on. yocan see how on JimE's answer.
  12. gallery.docI deleted all galleries and re-install it. same problem! please see the attached file:
  13. did it all please see the attached file, where I documented the procedure I did...gallery.doc
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