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  1. Hello All, The issue appears to have been resolved. Thanks as always. Sorry about the cpanel username, will avoid that in the future. - dan
  2. Hello Y'all, This issue has resurfaced, now when we go to http://www.universitychapel.org we receive please let me know if you can help; or if I should start a new thread. thanks so much, - dan
  3. Sorry about the typo above, yes it's http://ucchildrenschoir.org. And thank you for fixing the error all is working correctly now. - Dan
  4. Hi there, I just registered a new domain - http://www.ucchildrenschoir.com and everything is up and running well. But regarding the login to squirrelmail, using http://www.ucchildrenschoir.com/sqmail, it takes me to an error page rather than the login page that most of my other sites have. Is there any way to change this? Or should I be using a different address? For an sufficient comparison please take a look at http://www.universitychapel.org/sqmail Thank You Very much, - dan
  5. I generally don't like to submit tickets until the mods tell me to, if it's an easy fix or something i'm doing wrong that can be dealt with quickly they will point that out.
  6. Hi, When using sqmail to send outgoing mail I receive the following error from all accounts If I remember correctly this was something server side but I'm not sure so I thought I'd ask if you guys can help? please let me know if you'd like me to setup a ticket. Thanks, - dan
  7. Wordpress to be sure. Been using it for 4+ years now, used B2 before. I can't imagine how MT is more powerful, they're both just php on top of mysql databases. But Wordpress seems to be endlessly customizable. It even works well as a CMS.
  8. thanks so much Alex, maybe I'll be able to leech the answer to part b from the code on the page given in part a. You guys totally rock! - dan.
  9. Hello All, This is a two part question, Part A... I'm having an issue with my direct url to squirrelmail. When I try to log into http://www.my_tch_domain/sqmail it gives me the following error The only way I can get my users into mail is to use the http://www.my_tch_domain:2095 which gives them the option of sqmail or horde. I'd like to avoid having the option. Part B... A long time ago (several years) I found a post that gave instructions on how to incorporate sqmail login info via a script that I could put into a custom webmail login page. I.E. people
  10. hey there folks.. I'm on server 8, domain is draynet.com I'm trying to send out emails to many different recepients I get this error.. really wierd. I can send email to myself though.. any ideas?
  11. Go to tools --> options --> advanced tab --> click restore defaults.. If you still have the problem, it sounds to me like you might have some sever adware / spyware on your comptuer.. Either way, I recommend downloading spybot search and destroy and running it on your computer to check and see if it's there. /dnm (to find it, go to download.com or just google it)
  12. Twisted.. some fun stuff about mozilla.. I think you're right, for some things, it's not as good as ie or opera. But it does have some pluses.. - it's pretty good a dealing with popups compared to ie 6 - it's highly highly customizeable concerning actions and appearance, some people like that. - the tabbed browsing feature is very nice if you browse a ton of web pages and you don't like clutter on your desktop (I would say that windows xp solves this with it's taskbar modifications though) - open source - it's a group effort, everyone is working to improve it. - p.s. it
  13. So.. Let's see if you guys can help me out.. For some reason, whenever I have a few browser windows open, If I navigate to a page that has popup windows opening up, IT completely freezes and waits for the popup to open.. Once the popup (or popups) are open, everything works normally again.. I haven't been able to solve it.. Love any ideas to hear what you think... it's driving me CRAAAAZYY..
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