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  1. Shot in the dark here - I have my own domain and email addresses associated with it. A number of people have told me recently that my emails keep ending up in their spam/junk folders. I'm not sending out newsletters with this, just ordinary emails. Is there anything I can do on the back end to get certified or something so I don't get trapped by filters on the other end? Thanks, Dan
  2. Late to the party on this one - so as of now SSL is not available for install/purchase on TCH, but may be in the future? Any sense yet as to how far down the road it is? I'm seeing that WordPress is going to require SSL for all sites at some point this year (https://semperplugins.com/wordpress-requires-sites-to-use-https/) and for my own peace of mind I'd like to get it in place as well. Bill, any updates? Thanks, Dan
  3. Thanks Dick. I assume that means that any themes, plugins or other changes on the main site will NOT be applied to the subdomain and I will need to re-install if I want to use or test those? Sounds like it's a completely separate WP install from scratch? Also looks like I can't use Softaculous to do the install but have to do it manually on the subdomain?
  4. All, Would like to change my WordPress install to allow Multisite implementation. I really just want a separate WP site to use while I practice some things and muck around with code without affecting my actual site. Other than backing up my site before I make the change, is there anything else I should keep in mind? Any TCH restrictions on implementing multisite? Thanks, Dan
  5. I looked through the forums, and unless something's changed in the 2 years since it last came up, there's no option to stream video from a standard TCH account, correct? Assuming that's true, is anyone familiar with a free or relatively affordable media hosting option out there? For various reasons I can't use the hosting I have available right now ( - it's got plenty of room, but it's not an option), so I'm looking to host a single video file of moderate size that I want to stream instead of Progressive Download. Any suggestions appreciated. Dan
  6. Hey all, I just tried to get into Cpanel for the first time in a week or two, and it refused to accept my password. So I went through the reset dance, and when I attempted my new password, while it said the combo was OK, when I hit submit it claims the pword is based on a dictionary word (which it is not) and won't let me change. Is this just me, or did you guys change something over there? Dan
  7. I think I've already learned that critical first maxim of tech support - always ask and answer the stupid questions before you get too deep into problem-solving. And as for madman's comment, since the only reason to do this is to move into management, it looks like the degree program may be the way to go. Thanks for the comments, all. Dan
  8. Well, you folks say it's an open discussion, so I get to ask whatever I want. So how much wood would a...? Never mind - I'll have to work that one out myself later. To my actual question - I'm considering going out for a Certificate or a Master's in some form of IT, preferably management. Ideally I want to skip MBA programs where I get 2 tech-related courses and 2 dozen on Accounting Practices for Llama Herders and the Global Economy They Serve. I'm also not enough of a true geek to go through lots of hardcore programming courses. So how much difference does it make to: Get such a degree in the first place? Get it from a particular school or level of school? Follow a particular course of study? Get an actual Master's vs. a Certificate? My vision for this was that as a now half-tech person (the other half is archivist), the best way to ensure continued employment and plan for the future is to get some learning done. Strategic planning for IT, leveraging the web for business, etc. Is such an idea a complete waste of time? Am I no more or less employable as a history geek with some on-the-job experience than I would be as a Mastered Geek? I've actually found a program that looks like it hits the right notes for me (this one, for the curious), but I'm not committing to a program that won't help. So, oh ye seasoned gurus of TCH, oh ye brilliant and full of obscure information, whaddaya think? Dan
  9. All, I created an FTP account for someone else, and I now need to modify the folders they are allowed to access. But there doesn't seem to be any place within the FTP management panel where I can edit the properties of the account. Do I need to kill the existing account and recreate it with the permissions I now need? TIA, Dan
  10. Is there a way to export the statistical reports created in AWStats? I'd like to be able to share the monthly stats with our Board of Directors without having to give them access to Cpanel. Thanks, Dan
  11. All, My search through the forums brought up some results, but everything was at least a year old so I figure I can safely revisit the question. Does anyone have recommendations for adding a site search to my site? I have an old service that I've never really made the most out of, and I'm considering moving elsewhere. I understand there's something on Cpanel I could use, and I've certainly considered Google, but I'd like to hear from you folks if there's something you especially like. It's important that I have at least basic statistics off whatever I use, so I'd be grateful if you have any comments about the search reporting. Free is also a requirement. TIA, Dan
  12. Searched & searched, and no luck so far. Is there a way for a user to an FTP account to change their own password? I've set up an account for someone who only updates part of our site, but I want to give her the option of changing the password to something she will remember. Is there a way to change the password on the account other than in Cpanel? TIA, Dan
  13. I told you it was a dumb question. I kept assuming it was after login to the webmail client. Duh. I need a head slap or a Doh! smiley. Dan
  14. All, I've set up mail accounts for some other members of my organization. For now I've used simple dopey passwords to start them off, and I now want to tell them where to go to change their passwords to something more secure. The problem, of course, is I can't for the life of me figure out where to send them in Horde to change their passwords. I've gone through the Options a dozen times and I can't figure out what to tell them. I don't have to reset the passwords for them at the cpanel level, do I? Dan
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