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  1. HP Director is a software program that is installed by the HP All in One Printer. If there are problems you should get the CD and uninstall the printer software and reinstall it. But I agree with heyguy, you've lumped all these problems together and you will need to work thru them one at a time. I don't think they are linked at the moment.
  2. The System Restore feature in Windows XP probably is not working the way you expect but is working the way it was "designed" to work. What I mean is that once you turn it ON, that is the starting point from which you can restore. If you turn it off all the "points" previously saved will be deleted and you have to turn it back on and you get a new set of points starting from then. You can't turn it on and restore from a date previous to that time. Ok, is this a new or another problem? Why are you uninstalling XP? I am not sure what is being said or why you are "uninstalling" the OS.
  3. You can do it one file type at a time like Bruce suggested or you can go into Windows explorer locate a specific file type and change them all one after another. Bruce's way make take awhile waiting for you to open up each different file type and doing the change, With explorer you browse around and find them and change them in one sitting. Start Windows Explorer and locate a folder where you store pictures. Right-click on a file and select PROPERTIES Where it says "Open with:" click the CHANGE button browse thru the list of programs and select the one you want click OK, click APPLY find the next file type (different extention) and repeat the above steps. You may need to browse several folders to find all the different files.
  4. Its been very rare for any of the machines I have needing a CMOS battery replaced, I have an 800Mhz HP Pavilion Pentium I purchased in 1999 thats hasn't needed one yet. The last one I remember replacing was an IBM 286 model. Did you check the power or energy savings features I mentioned? Maybe its an overheating issue, the PC shuts down when it gets too hot and you are finding it in that state.
  5. Will we be given a list of our new IP's?
  6. My first impression of these was 'oh great', people will get into the automatic habit of clicking thru this box and not even reading or worrying about what it is warning you about. Then when the real thing its warning you about comes in you don't even see it coming ... the 'cry wolf' gotcha. I'm not sure what the correct solution would be but I didn't like it. And turning it off was not a good idea for the majority either.
  7. Welcome to the Big Leagues! So this gives you alot of options and it will make a few folks here happy. With all those IP's you'll be handing them out like candy ... but be careful cause they will run out quickly
  8. Hi Mike, I tested it out during the public Beta. I used it for about a month and then threw it away, I'll avoid it until I am forced to use it when I purchase a new computer. Hopefully by then they will have fixed or changed some of the things I had problems with. Lets see, the new security feature I hated the most, everytime I wanted to do something it wanted confirmation, the nag screens were endless. I had trouble getting things to work, drivers were not available and I couldn't just throw the stuff away and get new equipment. I had a problem with my PC fan, with Vista loaded it continually ran the fan and I couldn't get it to stop. I would startup XP and the fan was quiet, ran once in a while, not non-stop like Vista, annoying. Generally, things ran slower, not that you would notice over a length of time but it was noticable. The Pro's...ummm, I can't think of any. This is the first time I will not go out and buy the latest Windows version and run it on my system so I can learn it and help others. I'm sticking with XP for the time being.
  9. Hmmm, not sure but check to see if you have any network shares that no longer exist. Open Windows Explorer and under MY Computer see if there are any Network Shares (drives from other computers) listed. Right-click on them and select DISCONNECT from the popup window. See if this corrects the slowdown.
  10. Not a problem, I figured something else came up and from reading the other thread I understand. I'll be ready whenever you guys are, take your time.
  11. I can't count the number of times someone has brought me their PC and alls I did was remove the music CD or the last program they installed from the drive. And with newer PC's allowing boot from external USB devices I've seen the same issue with USB sticks being left in. With new technology comes more support issues.
  12. Change is never easy, is it. There were a couple of blips trying to use the forums this morning, hope it was just blips and not a sign of more problems. Hoping for smooth sailing here on...
  13. Sounds like its stuck in sleep or hybernation mode, try turning the Power or Energy Save options off. In CONTROL PANEL click on POWER OPTIONS and make sure all three selections say NEVER. See if this corrects the problem.
  14. Help Desk Ticket waiting in Managers Review
  15. You can prove that a web site is a living person? I am not a lawyer, for legal advice you should consult one.
  16. Since a website and an email address is not a living person... h_tp://injury-law.freeadvice.com/libel_and_slander/slander.htm
  17. Well you don't need your own web server. You can purchase a Reseller Account and this will allow you to host multiple web sites. There are lots of folks here at TCH that do just that.
  18. The simple answer is yes you can get one. But I would suggest you stick with what you have here. Running your own Web Server can be a long learning experience, and an expensive one.
  19. Yes, you need to write or "code" in html to make something display in your domain. Just uploading a picture file will not make it display.
  20. if you've coded everything correctly, yes
  21. Well not exactly. The IP is yours or everyone else who is on your server. The username is what separates your data from everyone elses and links to your account which is linked to the domain name. You can upload to the IP or to the URL, they both go to the same place and you will see the same data no matter which one you use.
  22. The Welcome Email says 24-72 hours. You can use the IP supplied to ftp files before that.
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