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  1. I agree with youneverknow, a router and the Windows Firewall will be just fine.
  2. TCH is a business that provides Budget Hosting, and as a business they need to make a profit. If they allow unlimited domains on one account where is the profit? There are also the issues of additional bandwidth and other resources used on a shared server. Yes everyone wants to get as much as they can out of the money they spend, but $4 a month has little room for profit even with just one domain.
  3. Do you have a door in the house that just won't stay open? Do you have a boat that keeps floating away? Does your desk sit near a breeze and the papers keep blowing away? Is there an empty spot in the basement that needs filling? I usually strip out the parts and save for a couple years for replacements. After awhile I toss them when I am sure they are not needed anymore (I fix friends and neighbors computers). The P4 is way past the time I would keeps its parts. I would just toss it.
  4. Try creating a folder and right-click on the folder, select GROUP and then NEW GROUP. I haven't used Windows Mail in awhile so I'm taking a wild guess here...
  5. Because its a work in progress and it will never be "finished", they will always be updating it.
  6. Thats a valid certificate for a Microsoft file so you can click OK. Its probably a left over from the MS Update.
  7. You did not give us much info here to give you a yes or no answer. What were you doing that could have caused this message? That is a Microsoft file if it is a valid request but without knowing what you were doing at the time I can't be sure. Here is an article about the file. h_tp://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/269238
  8. From your source code I would guess that Microsoft Word was used to create the page. To replace the page will be your job and not something TCH would do. What you will need to do is replace the current "index.htm" file with one that says "Under Construction".
  9. Last day actually, will be heading back to Maryland in about 30 minutes. It was a driving Vacation and we plan on 3 days to get home since I need to be at work at 6AM Sunday. It was a very nice trip, saw my wife's Mom in Deltona on Mothers day. Was at my Dads house in Merritt Island for the Shuttle Launch and a trip to Disney over in Orlando. Spent the last two days walking Old Town here. The trip has been great so far but I see nothing but rain in the forcast from here on.
  10. Possibly but not positively. Sometimes ISP's do not get all the IP's in a range and they don't always assign them to a specific geographic area. If its a large ISP they could be spread all over the place, or IP's right next to one another could be assigned to different ISP's on different sides of the country. [waves to Bruce from the Marriott on Key West]
  11. Yes, thats what Bruce means. ISP's will be assigned "blocks" of IP's that run in a series, using your example - . You could be assigned any one of those IP's in that range.
  12. This is how the big boys do it. http://skipall.com/3v.jpg
  13. I ran the Beta for a couple weeks and decided to remove it because of a couple of annoying bugs, it would crash and close or just lock after being opened for a lengthy time. Alls I did was uninstall from Control Panel (I believe) and IE 7 returned.
  14. I remember the day when I was able to upgrade my 386 to 8MB of RAM
  15. Mostly Inspiron, mainly because these were low priced and what the general public purchased for their kids going to school.
  16. Guess I have to give my two cents. There are two problems I hate seeing on my workbench...Nortons and Dells. Now in the PC business there are ups and downs and companies can get awards for quality one year and can stink up the place the next year. I don't know about this year but I know Dell has had its share of quality issues in the past with the components it uses. Now if you go top of the line and pay the price for Dell you'll probably end up with a good Laptop. But beware when you start cutting the price to make a "deal" on the price, you lower the quality of the parts and will end up with trouble.
  17. Thanks Bruce, thats the one I was looking for but I got a call and had to leave and couldn't continue searching for it. I see Hotmail is on the list and that will explain why the forward is gone. And if that was what started the issue or fear of the account being used by the roommate it maybe a non-issue. TCH deleted the forwards.
  18. Did you possibly have a forward to one of the sites that TCH deletes? They run a script and it automatically deletes forwards that are sent to sites that are on their banned list. If just one is on the list then all the forwards are deleted. There are several on the list and I can't remember them all at the moment. but here is a link to the Initial discussion about AOL. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...st&p=108151 This maybe the reason the emails stopped.
  19. I believe the file needs to be located in each subdomain folder. Thats how I got mine to work.
  20. Just because a free remote monitoring service reports a failure does not mean the server was "down". It means they did not receive a response to the URL in a specific amount of time. It could be any number of other reasons, for instance a network where a line has been cut. Or it requested the URL at the exact instant you were working on it and replacing the page. The stats here at TCH will tell you if a server is actually down.
  21. Thanks Bill. A fisherman who doesn't like seafood...hmmm
  22. It was my Dads 83rd birthday and I cook or take the birthday person out for what ever they want. He requested Crab and boy do I love it when its his birthday. I get him King Crab and I get the HUGE legs whole at Sams and steam them myself. My wife doesn't like them, says they have no taste so I got her some Lobster tails. Dinner was fantastic if I do say so myself
  23. What I find on most of the PC's I work on is that the owners don't know what they are supposed to do. They buy a PC and it came with an AV pre-installed and they are given nag screens every so often to subscribe or purchase the program. They click the don't ask again button and forget about it. Two years down the road they ask me how they could be infected, they have so an so running...Now this is not as bad as it used to be, but it still happens. I usually don't care which AV program they use and don't recommend any specific one. But I do tell folks to get one and if they have one keep it updated. Having one is better than not having one
  24. Well this is where I agree with you, every box that crosses my desk I remove Nortons if its there. This is not because of one bad period, I've had several first hand experiences where one of their programs has trashed a computer. The only program of theirs I use is Ghost.
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