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  1. Update: Well I had a long list of new customers to enter this morning and it did it again. So I tried what Bruce said. I killed explorer and restarted it. Sure enough the icons came up in the correct order. Now I wonder how Window knows which order is correct? Possibly the sequence they are in memory. Maybe tomorrow I'll start my programs in the wrong order and see how the icons are restored.
  2. Somehow through the process of minimize and maximize from one program to the other they shift. If I knew what process was I would just reverse it.
  3. I haven't recieved any responses from a windows site so I thought I'd try here. This is more of a irritation than a real problem. I'm using Vista. I have 2 different programs running. Access and IE. I will be doing a C&P form IE to Access. Basically entering new data from a website into our database. I may do 2 or 3 customers names and addresses then all of a sudden the active program icons in the task bar have reversed. Access was first when I booted up then I opened IE. Now IE is first. This is not the quick launch icons on the left. This is not the clock etc icons on the righ
  4. I’ve been looking at some of the various sites. I just figured someone on here may have a better concept of which site has a better (easier) setup or version, given the direction I need to go.
  5. I am looking to replace an NT4 domain file sever (I installed 8 yrs ago) with something in the Linux variety. The use is to access one MS Access database (8 users) backend. I have played with a version of Linux a while back, that booted and ran directly from my Cdrom. But that’s as far as I went since the worlds programs tend to Windows. Is there a good reference online that might give me a clue as to how to set one up?
  6. Here's a link.. http://www.ehow.com/how_6086_web-search-engine.html Under the instructions step number 1, they have "search engine". If your cursor just touches the darn thing you get an ad pop up. How anoying, especially if the artical has five or six "special" words in them. I wish I just turn the thing off.
  7. Is there a way we can turn off those annoying ad links in the text portion of articles? It’s just a simple word in the text colored blue. You just mouse over them and a box appears with crud you don’t want, covering the text you do want to read.
  8. Can I copy an entire mysql database along with the structure info in one shot? Or do I have to set up the tables on the new domain and then install the data. thanks
  9. I don't know about the rest of the world but I find Gmail klunky compared to Yahoo. The login can be touchy. No auto instant delete of junk mail. Maybe I expected too much from Google.
  10. No. I tried a very simple change where they had to enter 5 (ascii) letters before the form would send. I don't think they are using the form since the spam is instant.
  11. The past couple of days I have gone from 2-5 spam emails to 200 overnight and more during the day. I am using a php form for my customers to enter their emails to me, but I don't think It's comming through the form. All of the emails have "Model" as the first part of the subject (which is what my form does) and then random letters. The content is a bunch of html links to the usual crud. So I changed the address from service@ to service1@ and deleted the old account. As soon as I was done I received a new spam on the new account. I tried again service1@ to tvservice@ and once again ins
  12. I can view the site in Firefox but not in IE. So there is something about/with IE that tips them off.
  13. Ok so I received a 7 day vacation by calling a guy a criminal on a forum. He hacked some ones computer to get a free PDF. Now for the questions. I deleted my cookies for this site and it still recognizes my computer. But a coworkers computer can get through. We are behind a cheap router using DSL. How does their website know it’s me?
  14. I opened one a few minutes ago. Where's my blood pressure pills! Oh I don't use them... When Google snubs you it's like kiss of death for a small site.
  15. I'm not even sure how to check my permissions.
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