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  1. Now all they have to do is figure how to wedge it into Gmail! I love Gmail because I can access it from anywhere, I can search ANY email I received or sent since starting. An old site I haven't messed with for months sends me an email I can jump into Gmail and search on the site name and find my password so I can cancel it. It's got pretty good spam filters... but they are only pretty good. I use a work desktop, home desktop and laptop as well as an occasional computer at church. Yes, I can pop the email but my HD would hate me and it would live in only one of those locations, thus defeating some of the benefits. One day they will give us the perfect solution - maybe after the world is wiped out and replaced by something even more weird.
  2. Sorry for the delay - I've been on a bit of down time lately. Thanks for the ideas. I'm going to check with our internet department at work, Steve, because they just installed a Buffalo Link for backups so I can pick their brains. I'll do a little looking around - maybe end up with a linux server
  3. Of course I am I like the island analogy though. Very appropriate.
  4. Hi gang, I need to draw on some of your experience if you have it in this area. My church and its daycare have 3 "office" type computers with documents, kid databases, photos, financial info, etc. Each computer is heavy storage and light on traffic. We also have a laptop that runs the synth via midi files, which is light on storage. We have a computer in the soundbooth that runs all the multimedia and recorded sermons- pretty storage intensive. We have a few others in the classrooms which are very lightweight. In all we have about, and I'm guessing, 250Gb actively and need for more fairly soon. Our entire building is on wireless. What I'd like to see about is getting a network solution as a fileserver. Cost is important but not majorly - we spend what we need to in order to do what we do and get the money as we need it. We want to get something easy to use and security is a must!!! We have records on our daycare children so it has to have good security that can be assigned to a file/folder basis. We are running XP everywhere. Does anyone have experience with something besides Snap servers (snapsolutions.com)? I have only slight knowledge about them an no others. I have considered a monster computer on Linux running as a server, but I'd rather do a network application if possible.
  5. Also remember, though, that submissions to search engines are nearly useless unless you get links to your site from other sites that are already listed. The seach engines like word of mouth from your "friends" better than you standing up saying you should be listed. There's a whole science to getting your site listed prominently on the search engines - read through these forums and you'll pick up most of the basics needed to get it going. If you have any specific questions, Erin, don't hesitate to ask!
  6. I couldn't find anything definitive. Consider this, though. What I am assuming is a trivial difference in speed will be overshadowed by this: #FA4 - 4 characters #FFAA44 - 7 characters rgb(234.138,134) - 16 characters (not valid numbers for the same values - I just made them up) The time to download the latter should more than make up for using the shorter and easier to grok hex notation. Besides, if your pages are optimized to the point that the difference makes a significant improvement in your site load time, you need to get out and get a life my friend. (You know I'm kidding! It's fun to optimize for the sake of it sometimes.)
  7. They are definitely getting more clever. I've read many articles lately about techniques being used to fool the filters and they are working. It's a constant tail-chasing endeavor - update filters - update spam - update filters - do it all again.
  8. I use Filezilla on my usb drive, which is pretty rare, but haven't noticed any problems with it - probably because of the little use I give it. Most of my web work is done on Linux and I use gnu ftp there and it works very well. I'm not sure if they have a Windows version and it's too close to 5:00 to look but it may be worth a peek.
  9. Strangely enough, my gmail account is at what may be an all time low. Only (sheesh, only he says) 5212 spams in the past 30 days. It's often over 6000. Must be their spamming algorithms focusing on some segment they assume you to be in and not me... which is not a bad thing for me.
  10. You can also do it by hand which is a more simple task. Just backup at one site, transfer it and then restore it. It depends on how often you want to "synch" the two. One time after development is fine by hand. Every night or once a week may be worth investigating the cronjob method.
  11. There are some popular sites such as slashdot.com and digg.com which list sites of interest and they have tens of thousands of readers so when a story "hits" the front page, a lot of servers choke because several ten-thousands come to the site pretty much at once. That, sometimes called the "slashdot effect", would be a challenge for the TCH servers but just normal usage wouldn't phase them. As Bruce said, you'd have to become extremely popular to even have to worry about it. I don't know much about TCH's customers, but from the forums I know there are several pretty popular sites and none, to my best recollection, have caused problems with traffic overload. If you got that popular that it would cause a problem I'm sure there would be enough benefits to it to justify a dedicated server.
  12. Thanks for the note Steve. Mine auto-downloaded it.
  13. You may want to check out Coppermine Gallery. It's available here for free - just go to your cpanel (www.yourtchdomain.com/cpanel), log in and select Fantastico... it's listed in the lower half of the page. It lets folks upload if you allow it and it has a max size but won't grow it if it's smaller.
  14. In case anyone else is wondering, the tech guys do have automatic monitoring that sets off all kinds of bells and whistles (pagers and emails) when things get too close to being "bad". That's part of why the uptime record here is so great.
  15. But what's the question? By the way, I just found out that I share the same birthday with Douglas Adams - maybe that's why I love his books so much! Brain the size of a planet...
  16. Honestly, I like the original better. In YNK's version the whites of the tall building for example are pretty washed out and the bridge hurts my old eyes . The original has awesome color saturation and I'm sure the reason the buildings are dark in places is that the sky is so bright it triggered the camera down a notch. Rick, was that with the Auto setting or did you tweak the settings at all?
  17. There's no real way to do it. There are too many places from which to access your site that to verify all of them is impossible. One thing you could do is to create a new dummy page at the new site, say TEST.HTM and then go to http://www.hyperspin.com/quicktest.php and use their website test and put in the URL of that new dummy page. This will at least tell you if it can resolve from 5 US locations, Amsterdam, Singapore, Brisbane, and Hamilton Ontario, Canada. If any come up 404-not found then they are resolving to the old address. If they all come up as OK then it's a good chance that all propogation is done, but it's not guaranteed since your sample is only 9 sites. It's not surefired, but it's as close as I know you can get.
  18. Then it's obvious. If you do as they say and "please wait" they won't have to give you the discount. It's a marketing thing!
  19. We all know you can Google for "greatest hosting service" Most of us know you can do "greatest +budget hosting -Windows" to refine it. Did you know you can "35 miles in feet"? How about "weather Key West, Fl" Or "define:is" Or "movie:The Highlander" Find these and more at the Google advanced operators cheat sheet.
  20. But you can put up a conservative (right wing) site as well if you like. Just kidding. Pretty much as long as it's legal it's allowed, but the AUP will clarify. Welcome to the forums!
  21. I would guess that as we get further along in a month there are more entries to process too which may make it slower.
  22. Or alternately, "Yes we do, at a cost of $4.00 per month and it has to have a diferent name and directory structure." Seriously, as they said, no we don't do add-on's.
  23. You may have caught it during an update - it looks fine here now.
  24. The links to you should all be to the same page - usually the homepage. Remember that search engines don't have a concept really of sites, just pages. 30 links to page A and 30 links to page B are worth 30+30, not 60. You can get a good estimate of how many links your site has by typing into, say Google for instance, reiki-seichim-masters-australia.+com (notice the plus sign after the dot) At the top it will say Results 1 - 30 of about 52 -- 52 is approximately what you have from other sites that Google recognizes. Work at it, of course, but don't panic - for the term "reiki seichim australia" you rank #1. Now get those other phases people will use to find you up there and you're set!
  25. Sammi, I went to my church last night and the pastor brought me that exact fax and asked "This is a scam, right?" - at that price he'd better hope so!
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