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  1. Hi everyone, I am just wondering how you attach your site to a search engine so that when ppl put in key words my site comes up. Thank you Erin
  2. hi again.. i am soooo lost..i have bought a domain name and host package with TCH..and i have downloaded CoreFTP light and smartFTP and i dont understand either of them...how do i set up my account...i dont know where to go..is there an easier program i could download? i am so confused..
  3. Ahryn

    I Am Lost

    i still dont understand...i bought the domain name here..and is that it?? then i just go to yahoo..or something and get a host...are hosts free
  4. Ahryn

    I Am Lost

    Hi again.. i have now been set up and givin all my info in my email confirmation but what do i do now...i dont know what the next step is...if someone could point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it...i am sorry i am really new to computers..this is my first forum...and i just want my web page up Thank you' Erin
  5. Ahryn

    I Need Help

    i did...that is my .ca name right..then how do i get on a host
  6. Ahryn

    I Need Help

    Thank you..so i have now signed up..now do i just wait for them to call me...and the email with all my info...I HATE WAITING!!!
  7. I am just wondering..and i know it is a stupid question.. but how do you design images for your webpage..right now all i can do is look for the picture i am imagining online...
  8. Ahryn

    I Need Help

    ok you have talked me into it i am going to sign up right now
  9. Ahryn

    I Need Help

    thank you for the advice..i think $44 is a bit much right now...i seen some for $10 to $15 wouldnt they do the same...
  10. Ahryn

    I Need Help

    Hi everyone..thank you so much for your replies..i think you have figured out the problem..my site is not on the internet...and i dont know how to do this...i just finished writing my site in notebook...can anyone explain to me how i get online?? i would prefer to get a domain name...but i am affraid of hidden costs...is it a one time fee?? can anyone recommend a good place to buy a domain name?? Thank you soo much for all your help.. Ahryn
  11. Ahryn

    I Need Help

    The pic i want is off a free download site...so do i download this picture into my pictures..and use the web site?
  12. Ahryn

    I Need Help

    hi i am very new to web pages..i just started today..i am all done but i now want to add pictures... i have no idea how to do this..i downloaded one off the internet and now when i put it in the code...i am using HTML...it just shows a red box.. please help me Erin
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