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  1. i have been with TCH for 10 years. TCH is the best. what happened was unexpected and only brings out the best in TCH. and these things do happen in other NOCs as well. I have a couple of servers at theplanet(now softlayer) and my server there was also affected by their power outage (short circuit) which i think is more preventable than a lightning strike. Here is the article on the >1 day power outage at theplanet which my server was a part of: http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2008/06/01/explosion-at-the-planet-causes-major-outage/
  2. can edson be up soon as well
  3. hi got a reply from support: The files/folders you are trying to perform chmod/chown should be under the ownership of Apache (nobody). thanks to tina. hmm so my problem now is that i'll need to first chown the folder to nobody from ssh before i can chmod it. or.. i'll need to have php create the folder first so that it owns it and then i can chmod it. ty
  4. thanks carbonize, but same problem. i also set the folder to 777 . i'll just open a ticket about this. ty
  5. it ried full path, same problem: <? if (@chown("/home/eubfnco/public_html/testfolder/", nobody)) echo 'Owner changed<br>'; else echo 'Failed to change owner<br>'; if (@chmod("/home/eubfnco/public_html/testfolder/",777)) echo 'Folder permissions changed'; else echo 'Failed to change permissions'; ?>
  6. done. i did chmod 777 the public_html folder lrwxrwxrwx 1 0 0 11 May 12 02:53 www -> public_html same problem: Failed to change owner Failed to change permissions ty
  7. yes it is.. basically, i did a test by doing: /public_html/testfolder/ I chmod public_html to 777 and the test script is inside it with this: <? chown("testfolder/", nobody); chmod("testfolder/",777); ?> you can see here http://eubankers.net/test.php
  8. hi! i set the folder where the script is running to 777 but i still get that warning
  9. hi i get that error when i do a test chmod on a folder. how to i make it work? here is the phpinfo: http://eubankers.net/phpinfo.php ty!
  10. thanks for posting my new ip carl, but when i log in to whm i get Unactivated License File i opened a ticket - GII-21328 (also, what would be our new nameserver ips? if whm worked i can easily see it there) ty
  11. I'm planning on making a site that may be prone to ddos due to the nature of the industry.. nothing illegal tho
  12. Hi Is there any way for TCH customers to prevent DDoS attacks on their sites, or are TCH servers already protected from DDoS attacks?
  13. i got a hint from sitepoint forums, which is exactly what i need. 1 word: "replication"
  14. thanks for your replies. I actually need the 2 servers to be in sync in real time. this is because i have a job site, and i want to applicants to access data from server 1 and recruiters on server 2. the reason being, the recruiters are the ones paying, and being in the same box as the applicants, their queries are very slow! what I have in mind is to have all php codes in box1, and when data are inserted/updated/deleted, it saves to both box1 and box2. The recruiters will still use box1 to log in, but their data will come from box2. This means that everytime I do insert/update
  15. Hi here is the scenario: Lets say I have 2 shared hosting accounts with TCH, one is my primary host the other is backup. Initially, Both have identical php files and database data. The primary one is then launched to the world and the database quickly grows. How do I make it so that whatever changes are done to the primary database is also done to the backup database? thanks!!!!!
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