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  1. First things first. You ask if it's age discrimination. Does the UK have any laws regarding age discrimination? IF not then the point is moot. It's like saying an American reporter has freedom of speech in a neighborhood in Iraq. Iraq doesn't have to recognize what we call rights. Anyway, I definitely agree with the first part. Why should a person who does a perfectly good job be fired because they had a birthday? As we get older we become less agile, speedy, able, etc., than our younger counterparts and if we can no longer do a job fire us because of that... not the number of candles on the cake. For the latter issue, I wouldn't think it fair to pay a 20 year old less than a 22 year old if it's a job where experience is not a real factor, such as janitorial services. Whether there is anything to be done with it under UK laws is another question. Here's something to think about. Here in America, the poster child for freedoms and rights, in most places it is legal for a person 18 to drive a car (usually get permits about 16, but it varies from state to state) and to join the military (or be drafted if that was in effect) and potentially die for their country, but it is not legal for that person to go buy alcohol for another 3 years. I can die for my country but not buy a rum and coke? Where's the sense in that? My point is that freedoms and rights are all a balancing act. Do you allow a person to say anything? How about disclosing national secrets or threatening the President? Do you allow a person to do anything as long as it doesn't harm others? What about suicide of a mentally ill person? What about knifing your car tires? What about drugs which leads to all kinds of other crimes... There are many areas in which freedom can not be absolute or society will fall apart. One thing that does come to mind is that some businesses would not hire young people for a job at adult wages, but being able to pay less makes the youth better able to compete for those jobs. They actually do the same thing here - hire at a low rate and get raises as you become more experienced... it's just not formalized like in the UK based on age. Sorry I can't be of more help, but not knowing the laws of the UK makes me only able to talk about my feelings and the situation here in the States.
  2. Remember that they are talking about the first time you start it up. Any additional loads will work from a cache and your mileage may vary. Also keep in mind it depends on things like what your homepage is set to. If, for instance, FF is faster at Java and your homepage has a lot of Java it could throw off your speed comparison experience. IE 7.0 is also still in beta/rc state. It could change based on what switches they had thrown on that particular build. Everyone is going to have a preference, I just wanted to make sure it was based on solid information. As I write this I'm using FF. I also have an Opera session running with about 8 pages open for CSS reference stuff. Even though FF may be less safe, I've not experienced problems so I'm more likely to use it. It is, after all, based on all appearances, the best-developed-for as far as extensions go.
  3. Here are some ideas of how to promote your business. They all amount to making sure every potential customer hears about you over and over again.
  4. I found this. It is very specific and may not apply to electrocutions not resulting in death but it may be similar in other cases: Also remember that in some cases, disclaimers don't exempt you from liability. Again, check with a lawyer. As far as Mr. Grazinski suing Winnebago for unclear cruise control instructions, Snopes identifies it as an urban legend. The McDonald's case was appealed but both parties settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. Here's where the news burns me up (no pun intended)... we all heard about it but did we hear from the news people that Now, it sounds stupid that she'd win, but considering the temperature the coffee must have been changes the whole discussion. I hate when news conveniently leaves out facts to make it more sensational. I realize you folks didn't know this - I'm only blaming the news people for "selective reporting". By the way, the lady only wanted $20,000 to cover medical but McDonalds was only willing to go $800. Thus she sued. Oh, and she wasn't driving either. Read about the whole thing at this Wikipedia article. Laws are confusing, complicated and at times flakey, that's why we need lawyers to protect us. (Now, isn't THAT a scary thought!)
  5. True, I'm not a lawyer. But... I'd think he'd file in the state where the injury occurred. I can't see him filing in another state when he was hurt in his. Laws are funny animals and people win things all the time that I'd never think possible, but I would guess you are in the clear. Best wishes and if he does file, definitely get a lawyer.
  6. I love firefox and use it almost exclusively, but I ran across the Firefox Myths site and if you look at it with an open mind and not get immediately defensive, it will make you consider Opera. (please read the site before saying how you tried Opera years ago and don't like it. )
  7. Heya Mike, I'm not very involved in streaming stuff but wanted to throw something your way. First, the 11 seconds is just a buffer so that if the network has a brief sluggishness it won't mess up the video. It loads enough material to keep running during these very brief bumps in the download. The other thing is that you don't "stream" the video up to the server. It's just a file format you create on your PC and upload the file like any other file and the streaming takes place at the server level. Hope it helps a little.
  8. Unless they're running a keyboard logger. If it's something like a bank account that should remain your-eyes-only then don't you dare use a computer you aren't sure about. As Bruce said, it's usually the browser that caches the password entry. You can delete a cookie or something like that, but I don't think there's any foolproof way to totally log someone out. At this moment I'm using Opera and their wand will override simple password boxes. The only thing I could think of is if the site does a challenge-response type thing. For example - every time they want to access something have the site say "Enter XXYZ" and change it every time. It's a pain, but unless you change the passcode at the server side the browsers can cache it.
  9. That definitely makes sense. Any further out on the net and I'd think they'd get unusable results. But I'm no networking guru so don't trust me in this The golden rule is that your "stuff" is safe if the pain to get/decrypt your password is more than the pleasure of getting your stuff. Until the spammers came along trying to make drop sites and zombie broadcasters and such I was definitely safe -- now with them standing to get email resources I'm not so sure. I do, however, feel totally safe at TCH as long as I mind my pints & quarts (P's & Q's) because as a host they do everything sane and some that's not. When I'm careless or install faulty software (can you say Coppermine? I thought you could) then it's my fault. (Twice they hit my Coppermine Gallery. I was dumb and had 2-minor-version-old releases and updated after the first time, but sheesh, why not just plug the holes Coppermine! I wasn't even using the email features. /rant off) It was entirely my fault. Back on topic, TCH is so close to the backbone there are not many opportunities for "middlemen" to get a sniffer on the lines before it hits the backbone. That's another benefit of TCH - they are well connected and don't go through "Joe's Internet Waterin' Hole" thus reducing opportunities for problems.
  10. The site at www.mediacast1.com/calculator.php?list=calc_bwneeds says it would be 660kbps for 10 users. Following that logic - 660K/sec * 60 secs in a min * 60 mins in an hour * 24 hours in a day * (fudging) 30 days in a month you get: 1,710,720,000kb / month 1,710,720 Gb / month Looks like you're going to need a dedicated server.
  11. That's just evil! Bad spammers! Thanks for the heads-up, Annie.
  12. That would certainly stop the automated spam, but how many customers/visitors would you eliminate? It may be worth it in some circumstances though.
  13. Also, make sure you are trying yourtchsite.com/cpanel and not a bookmarked URL that may point to a cPanel theme that is no longer supported.
  14. My first was a 300 baud direct modem from Radio Shack. Used it to connect to the computers at the University of Louisville and would send a chat message to a 1st year Cobol user "Please verify your password - /te myusername password" and they would. We had a link to the University of Kentucky and a thing called "forum" which was a precursor to the modern chatroom programs. Of course, all this was before there was an Internet proper. Yes, there were acoustic couplers, but you couldn't war-dial with them like in the movie Wargames. To end one call and make another you had to physically hang up the phone and dial again.... unless someone did a hardware hack on the phone itself. The coupler certainly didn't touch-tone dial. I didn't hear of wardialing until much later. Wikipedia:"War dialing or wardialing was the act of using a modem to dial every telephone number in a local area to find out where computers are available, then attempting to access them by guessing passwords."
  15. It could be they were targeting accounts on the old host by brute force. aaaaa@oldhost.com aaaab@oldhost.com aaaac@... Or if your email at the old host was made public (for instance on a web page) they'll catch up as Steve said.
  16. Martynw, 100% is not something that can be promised because of so many things outside one's control, but from my experience at TCH, it's been very close to that for my sites. You could spend a ton on redundant provider lines and hardware and co-location and all that, but consider this... You set up a switch that says if site 1 is down then send everyone to site 2. What happens when that switch shuts down because the air conditioner in the building goes out and it overheats? There is always somewhere a site can "fail". I even had a situation recently when I was told my site was down but it was working fine - the route from the site to one particular user was breaking in the middle (somewhere in Switzerland) and he couldn't understand it was absolutely nothing about the site that was deficient.
  17. They just released Firefox 2.0 Beta 2. It should be available at http://www.mozilla.org/projects/bonecho/all-beta.html There are a bunch of new features but beware, it is still a beta product so if you are using it in a mission critical way please wait. For the rest of us it's "Play on!"
  18. I may be wrong - it's been awhile, but for things like this you often have to boot off of a different drive than the one you are trying to manipulate. I doubt it would dismount the boot drive... but again, I could be wrong.
  19. Awesome, thanks for the code and clear instructions, Dick. Good point about the version differences too, Sammi.
  20. Hi gang, I have 2 questions. 1. Does fantastico update installed scripts? If a new version is released into the Fantastico systom, is there a way to update it in an automated way? 2. I already installed Coppermine by hand. Is there a good way to get it into the Fantastico system? I checked and F. doesn't know about my gallery , which I assumed it wouldn't. Thanks.
  21. Welcome to the forums Fionn! You won't win any friends with the "best viewed" message and I doubt anyone will change their screen resolution just to look at a web site. It may be worth the time to look at doing percentages so it at least tries to accomodate the user. If you run into any problems, the forum's full of folks that can help. Edit: removed the quote - it wasn't necessary.
  22. Remember though that Google Analytics will not meet your requirement of real-time stats. I'm not sure the delay but I know it's not real-time. It does give some very nice statistics in a well presented way though.
  23. Wow, sounds like a virtual lynch mob is forming before we even know what is planned.
  24. I too have status on a separate line that looks jacked. I'm running Ubuntu (Daper Drake) and FF It's pretty much the standard install. I haven't changed the fonts or anything like that. I just checked with Mozilla 1.7.12 with the same problem. Konqueror is fine though. Strange.
  25. It may not be so inefficient as it is that the management have priorities set for serving up sites and backing up our accounts instead of reporting stats. I have an idea. Go to sleep. When you wake up you'll feel better and your stats will be done. Seriously, if you need more up to date stats you may want to invest in a pay service that will take care of that for you. That is, if it's that important to ya.
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