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  1. I'm not sure if this is in the correct board or not, so feel free to move it. I'm looking at starting up an IRC srever for some people I know. I know you can't run IRC from regular web hosts, so you have to have a dedicated IRC host account. I'm wondering if anyone here knows of anywhere that they would recommend. In case anyone is confused, I'm looking at accounts like what these guys offer (h**p://www.alcatrazmedia.com/hosting/ircd.php?id=15 ...Sorry to link another host, but their web hosting has nothing on TCH and I don't think TCH offers IRC hosting. But mods feel free to remove the link if it breaks any rules.) Thanks.
  2. Thanks Rob. After reading the first 40 pages or so of their install manual (it's about 140 pages), I think I'll plan to use this. It seems to allow for complete site flexibility since they are separate from your pages, but at the same time you can customize the colors and images they use. I think what sold me is that they allow people to pay via credit card without actually being Paypal members. Thumbs Up If anyone else has any advice or thoughts, please post them. I'm just starting with even designing the site, so it's not like this decision is final or anything. - Christopher
  3. Has anyone here used Paypal's Shopping Cart? Any thoughts on it one way or the other? If so, can you verify for me that it is basically independent of my site, so I could create my store and then add it as almost an afterthought? I would really like to be able to design my site in CSS and many of the shopping carts I am seeing do not work easily with pure CSS formatting (ie. no tables).
  4. Ugh... everything I'm looking at sugests using javascript to open new windows. Anyone know of another way or shall I simply be sticking to transitional xhtml for now. Since this was my only error with strict, I'm not too worried about it.
  5. I'm attempting to learn CSS and XHTML by retooling one of my sites. I have it to the point that it is valid with transitional XHTML, but not strict. I have no problem using transitional on my site, but for learning, I'd like to know the differences. I'm only getting one error at the moment, but I don't know what to do with it. In my page, I use target="_blank" to have links to other sites open in a new window as opposed to having the person leave my site. Apparantly this is an old attribute and is no longer valid. I'm sure I just don't know where to look yet, but what is the new attribute for what I want to do? (Or what do I put in the css to make it open in a new window.)
  6. Awesome guys. You all rock. Thanks a ton.
  7. I'm not sure if this should be over in the 'looking for' forum or here, so feel free to move it whereever. I'm trying to find out what font these icons are using. We use them on our site for news posts and need to make some more, but the woman who made them for me is scarce because of college and I can't get up with her. Do any of you recogize them? I know she does much of her work in Photoshop, so could it be a PS font (does PS even have it's own fonts)? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Well, currently I'm only playing Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo. But the guys in my clan play some bf:1942 and FFXI. We're really looking forward to Soldner, World of Warcraft, and Battlefield: Vietnam.... and Warhammer Online.... and if they can get their beta act together, Joint Operations.
  9. Was it? I thought I remember reading about it in the new section. Maybe it was updated... or maybe the thing I was reading about was mistaken (that's what I get for not reading it directly on google's site).
  10. Lol, I came to this thread thinking it was something bad that I would have to argue against. I was like "TCH is easy to use, what do you mean 'impossible'?!?!?!" Oh well, glad I was mistaken. Rock Sign
  11. Has anyone tried the new updated toolbar from google? There's a new feature that you can turn on that allows you to vote for sites. I thought I read something about your votes tying into what you searched on (so you can rate the results you get), but I can't tell how to do that. Anyone have any insight on exactly what this does or how it could affect things? Could it possibly be enough to matter? Or are they simply collecting data to tell them if their newest algorithm is crap or not?
  12. Used to use AIM and ICQ. I'm exclusively on MSN now though (mainly because it gives me email alerts).
  13. Wow, uhm.. yeah... I'll be sure to read that in the morning when I'm not half asleep. I'm sure it'll make sense then. Thanks again.
  14. Cool deal. Before they were using webmail, but now they have switched. I'll just make sure they have copies of what they need (from before they switched to forwarded email) before I delete their accounts. Thanks!
  15. Wow, I really like that.
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