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  1. I did use that URL exactly. I had not been logged onto cpanel in several weeks. But, I take your notes and will make sure the cache is squeaky clean. Good to know there is no restriction. Thanks for the info. s.
  2. I was in Canada this week and tried to log into my Cpanel only to be rejected with confusing messages saying that I was at a different IP address. I do not think I've ever tried to log on from anywhere but home. I do not have a static IP address here so I know the Cpanel login has seen different IPs. I do not remember the exact wording but I know I had my correct username and password. It started sounding like maybe I would lock myself out forever if I tried again and my wanting to get in was critical so I abandoned the try. BUT, what is the deal? Is TotalChoiceHosting not available i
  3. Thanks. You are way more organized than I am. I appreciate the extra info.
  4. Your security generator is a little whacked. My name is Susan Dennis and one of my accounts has a name that is a derivative of my given name. I'm not seeing much security there! And I do not want a piece of software to store my account/passwwords. I use at least 3 different computers every day. I need to keep that info in my head. A reseller account would cost me $217 a year more than the three accounts I need. Not such good news. But, thanks. At least now I know.
  5. I have 2 total choice accounts now and I'm thinking about adding a third BUT... When I added my second one I was given an account name that I can never remember (I've had it now for something like 3 years and I still can't remember it). I asked to have it changed and was told I could not. Before I buy a third hosting account, I'd really like to know if I'm going to get stuck with another unintelligible account name... Is there any chance I could select one myself? Is it still the case that old horrible ones cannot be changed? Thanks, Susan Dennis P.S. My other two accounts
  6. Rick, I can't get this beautiful idea to work properly - I'm using IE7. The test bit on your sample page gives me an error as well when I try to fill in your sample userid and password. If I click on the error icon it gives me the ever so helpful 'invalid argument' on a line that actually does not have an argument - as least as far as I can tell. Susan (my domains here on TCH are susandennis.org and karolene.com)
  7. Thank you, Peter, that is VERY helpful - so I use tunnelinng and mysql (instead of local host). Cool. I'll find that tunneling page and upload it to my account. I haven't yet figured out the scripting things. Thought maybe I'd noodle out the database end first. This is just the clue I was missing. I really appreciate your digging this up for me! Thank you!
  8. OK,ok, I am so very very sorry. I had no idea that listing my website would be so offensive. My post stated clearly that the question concerned susandennis.org which has been housed here for at least 3 and probably closer to 4 years. I have four websites - two are here and I'm trying to figure out how to bring in one of the others. I have removed the insulting website link.
  9. ?? I actually have two hosting accounts on TCH. The website in my signature is not hosted by you but I pointed out in my question that I wanted to use the website at www.susandennis. org which most certainly is. My two accounts are: susandennis.org (this is the one I'd prefer to use) - username of susande karolene.com - username of something I can never remember ... My bills are paid. What do you need to confirm? I don't really care if my question is answered by a staff member or not but it is kind of disconcerting to have had two acounts for nearly 3 years and not be acknowledge
  10. I *think* I'm looking for a mysql client or at least a nicer front end that the one that Cpannel offers up. I'm familiar enough with Access and asp pages to know what I'm doing. On another host, I populate an Access data base, upload it and it populates an asp page there. I want to create a new database to build some specific pages but I want to do it here on my TCH account so I need to start with MySQL. And I know nothing. I poked around and found SQLyog which appears to be a nice looking GUI to MySQL (http://webyog.com). I think it is kind of just a front end that lives on
  11. Ha! Ok... here you go... 1. What is the average snowfall for Seattle... How magical is Seattle? Snowfall? Not nearly enough in my book. I live about 1/2 block from the salt water (i.e. sea level) and except for the occassional anomaly, I get maybe 3 flakes a year. BUT, I can sometimes see an inch or two on the hills out my window. Go 30 mins east and you will get much snow. Magical?? Extremely, very, absolutely. 2. "In any other division, we'd be in the playoffs, but we play in the toughest division." Ryan Franklin Yep. We have a requirement in all pitchers -
  12. For my money, Critcal Mass, captured it with my favorite line these days - the pastry hat one. As long as you know people, you've got a 'we'.
  13. As someone who routinely hires people from websites and buys stuff from websites, I can tell you that I put way more stock into what the 'about' page than any pronouns. I want to know who the person or people are behind the service or product. And I want complete information about where they are physically located and how to get a hold of them. It helps, too, if I can find out some personal stuff - like hobbies, interests, etc. Often, I am only interested in 'small potatoes.' So truth counts. Just last week I needed a quick a dirty illustration for a technical paper. I did not wan
  14. Not at all out of range for some of my prankster friends but this guy wouldn't have the foggiest idea of how to do that. He was so mortified that I couldn't see his stuff and so grateful when a fix was found.
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