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Good Pop-up And Ad Blocker

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If anyone is looking for a good pop-up and banner ad blocker, take a look at Proxomitron. You can download it at:




or from this page with documentation:




This is really a proxy for your browser. It's Windows only (sorry Linux and Mac users!) Out of the box it eliminates pop-ups, banner ads, MIDI music on webpages and much, much more! (Geez, I sound like Ron Popeil)


Did I mention it's free?


This is a sweet little program. You'll need to read the documentation on how to set your browser to point to it.


No affiliation. Just a satisfied customer.



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I recently discovered the google toolbar can supress the bodyonunload command within pages and to me these are definately the most annoying popups around.



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I got a pretty nice pop up blocker that I use. I haven't had 1 pop up get past it yet no matter how many come up when i visit a website. Unfortunally I can't remember where to download it but i do still have the install file for it :D

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My comments in July, 2003 about issues with Google's toolbar seem to be somewhat dated now, as I have been using the 2.0 version of Google's toolbar quite successfully in the past couple of months.


And it's free!


I usually disable the advanced options once I install it.

Check it out at: http://toolbar.google.com/


Re: Proxomitron -- from the information on the web site, the software looks dated, as it does not indicate that it is XP compatible. Also, the web site implies (?) that the software is no longer being maintained. Can anyone clear this up?



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I use PopThis! on my IE and it's awesome.

Firebird does it for me. Lately I've been using Firebird more than IE.

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