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  1. CMS usually stands for Content Management System
  2. Still not working - I'll submit a ticket - thanks tho!
  3. Getting that error when any of my users try to login to their cpanel control panels. I tried to submit a trouble ticket through the heldesk, but when I hit Submit in the helpdesk, it said the license file was missing from the admin directory. (I'm on a dedicated machine - basilisk.)
  4. When did you submit this to search engines? Your content looks pretty good in terms of using relevent keywords, but you may want to consider "dumbing it down" a little as well. Try and consider the keywords for people who might want healing services, but do not know about Reiki (so they wouldn't use Reiki to search with) and use more of those in your content. You probably also want to make a few edits to your META keywords and a description into the HEAD of your HTML - while many search engines ignore them now, they won't ever hurt you to have, and a few search engines still use them. But your keywords have several terms repeated more than 2-3 times, which can get you dropped in ranking, because the spiders think you are trying to SPAM the engine. "reiki ausrtalia, reiki brisbane, reiki sydney, reiki townsville, reiki perth, reiki melbourne, reiki hobart" - in trying to move up in the stats, you may actually be moving down because of the repeated words. (And you know you spelled "ausrtalia" wrong, right?) Also check the ALT tags (or lack of) in your side navigation buttons. You may also want to break out some of that content onto seperate pages - and ditch the pop-up style windows on the listings. As it is right now, all that good info on Reiki is very low on the page, below the listings and some search engines stop crawling after X number of bytes read. With the popup windows, if a user gets to one of the popup pages from a search engine search, they have no navigation, site branding, or anything else to use to figure out where they are and how to get back to your homepage. Just my two cents Also remember that it takes several months for some engines to do their thing, so it may just be a matter of waiting. Try and spread the word though, and ask other webmasters to link to your site. With Google's page weight logic, its NOT the number of sites that link to you, its the number AND quality of sites (so don't bother with the link farm sites). If you can get a smaller number of high-ranking sites to link to you, that will help a lot with Google ranking.
  5. lightman - wow, that's better than most! Good for you!
  6. Very helpful, thank you David!
  7. stevesh - the only problem I have been having is support for 2Checkout's new version in Zencart. A few people had said they made a patch, but I think 2CO changed some more stuff, and I can't seem to get it to work. Other than that, I like zencart quite a bit. There is definately a learning curve IF you want to customize the look and feel extensively. If you're okay with it pretty much out of the box, its much easier. And even then, the learning curve is basically largely just getting used to which files are kept in which directory. No open source e-commerce solution that I have come across is truly plug-and-play - any of the ones that are remotely flexible are also complicated and require a little tech bit of tech skill (and often a lot of patience). I avoid OScommerce simply because the code is so freakish and (imho) kludgy. Another example of an app that started off on the right track, but tried to be everything to everyone.
  8. I *think* after the test was done, it had some suggestions - but I took it a few weeks ago, and my poor brain is about fried, so I could be imagining that. Between that site and the Jane Goodall conference (referenced in a previous post), it really made my sister and I want to put together that one we're working on. I don't really consider myself an "activist", though by some people's standards I guess I am. That word always seems to lead to trouble! At the conference with Jane, it really dawned on me that the whole concept of "every choice you make during the day impacts the environment" isn't just a load of eco-BS. It also dawned on me that even *I* get wigged out when people call me an activist - so perhaps that word was a barrier in and of itself. (Or maybe I just need more coffee... LOL) Either way, that site was born from that idea. I know that test is way too limiting to give an accurate picture. There are a zillion things that people could be doing (or not doing) that would influence the outcome - so while its not always strictly accurate, I do think that its assessment of you (and me, and just about everyone else I know) living a lifestyle that is unsustainable is a correct one.
  9. I don't kinow anyone that has "passed" it - but I also wasn't expecting (some) people to get so defensive! LOL I think the point they are trying to make is just that there are more things that we can all be doing to work towards a more sustainable lifestyle. (I am a meat-eater as well, and I can not walk to work, but I do try to carpool whenever I can.)
  10. dhilke - I use authorize.net, but I don't use oSCommerce. (I personally can't stand OScommerce, and will always use ZenCart instead, but that's just a personal preference.) Setting OScommerce up with Authorize.Net should be as simple as 1) signing up for an Authorize.Net account and getting your username and password. 2) Activating the Authorize.Net module in Oscommerce 3) entering the appropriate Authorize.Net account info. Now, I could be wrong - its been a while since I have trolled around in OScommerce - but thats the way it used to be.
  11. flashisland - you may also want to use META information that tells Google how long your information is "fresh". Many search engines use the META information (not keywords and description, META tags like "expires", etc) to figure out how often to index your pages. http://www.i18nguy.com/markup/metatags.html Check out the META tags that address "expires" and "cache" - you should be able to quickly stick some additional lines into your old page to help the search engines understand that the content there has expired and needs to be re-indexed.
  12. I am a big fan of Horde - its relatively easy to use, and it works with IMAP. Horde also has some nifty scheduling and task list features, so it can be used as an organizer in addition to just an email client. One thing I don't like much about horde is that if you choose to use the HTML compose window, it sticks weird code into the email which comes back looking like garbage if the person you're sending to uses plain text email to read their email. Solution to this was just to turn off HTML in the composition window. not perfect, but certainly something I can live with. (edited because I am a spaz and cannot spell)
  13. http://www.earthday.net/Footprint/index.asp The Ecological Footprint estimates how much land and water people need to support what they use and absorb what they discard. The Footprint Quiz figures out your footprint, and then lets you compare it to what other people use and to what is available on this planet. Check it out! Its quite an eye-opener. :-(
  14. TCH-Steve - I recently came back from a peace conference in Boulder, CO where I got to meet Jane Goodall and others. Although it may not seem like it would be relevent, I think it is. I wrote a writeup about my thoughts from that conference, which you can find here: http://www.snipe.net/content/view/140/73/ World/environmental/animal peace may seem much bigger than the horrible things like the story you relayed, but I am a firm believer in the fact that its all connected. Its hard for me to remain optimistic about our future, as a global society, when I see all of the terrible (and sometimes downright evil) things that people do to each other, the animals, and the environment every single day. But in that essay I wrote, you'll maybe find a little bit of hope. Its not all bubblegum and happy faces, but I think that most people who have read have taken away something good.
  15. I'm considering installing mod_security on my dedicated machine, but I am concerned about 1) what existing scripts it might break and 2) any mainstream scripts such as phpbb, etc that may have problems with it and 3) any other personal feelings you have about it. Good, bad, ugly. Thanks in advance!
  16. LOL of course TCH rocks - but I had to give Andy a little extra shout-out for being so patient. Some of the other techs have had to deal with me in the past, and ya'll KNOW what a GIANT pain in the booty I am! LOL
  17. Hey, let's not forget about snipe gallery! LOL
  18. I just wanted to say that I just got off a half-hour IM convo with Andy, and he is just the greatest! I have been having some problems with my dedicated box over the past few weeks, and he was respectful, courteous, and wonderfully responsive. Bill, give that man a raise! He rocks!!! Techs like him are why I stay with TCH!
  19. The only problem I have found with that is that the stock photos you find on the bargain bin CD's tend to be pretty lame - same with the stuff available on clipart.com. I have tried to use them a bunch of times, but they are just not high quality enough for a professional site. You might try a low-cost site like BigStockPhoto.Com - http://www.bigstockphoto.com/ Thye quality of their stuff seems to be pretty decent, and the costs are not outrageous. If you have the budget, I would *always* recommend going with Getty Images (www.gettyimages.com) - but they are rather pricey.
  20. 1. Your URL - MayFaire Moon 2. The name of your site: Mayfaire Moon Costuming & Corsetry 3. Give a brief description of your site: Corsets for the more discerning wearer: all patterns are custom-drafted to individual measurements, fully steel-boned, interlined, and wrapped in silk, tapestry, leather— anything your heart desires. 4. Indicate whether the site is of a commercial, non-profit or personal nature: Commercial 5. Please acknowledge that you have a link back to TotalChoice Hosting: Yep - its at the bottom of every page
  21. I also wrote one for one of my PHP books - I can try to dig up the code if you need.
  22. As usual, subdomains created with cpanel are flaky at best. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I know this is a cpanel bug that's been discussion 100 times on forums across the 'net, but does anyone have a good solution to make them stick? I'm comfy logging in as root and editing whatever files I need to to make the subdomain known and permanent, but I am hesitatant to mess with system files for fear of breaking something in cpanel. If anyone knows the direct shell based way to correct the subdomain stupid-ness that won't break cpanel, please let me know. Thanks!
  23. snipe

    Color Wheel

    D.Slatk - for finding harmonious colors, you may want to check out a book called "The Color Index" - I can't remember how much it costs - its not bad tho - and it catalogs groups of colors that work well together for both print and web. It shows the RGB and hex codes for the colors used. I find this book extremely helpful - I may not always use all of the colors in a set exactly as they are, but it can really help with creatve block when you can pick from so many sets of colors that work together.
  24. Determining a price for advertising isn't as easy as $x per unique visitor. It really depends on the kind of visitors you're getting, and where they're coming from - not to mention the kind of advertisers you're looking for. For example, if you had an auto repair tip website that was ranked high in google and were getting 2k unique visits a day, an advertiser selling, say, makeup remover, would be less willing to pay top dollar for the ad space - whereas an auto parts dealer would be more willing to shell out the bucks, since your traffic would be directly targeted to what you're dealing with. Also - web advertisers are becoming more intelligent about advertising. Many of them will want to know who your visitors are: do they fit the age/annual income/geographic location, etc etc - depending on what they're selling. It might be a good idea to post a survey on your site - maybe run a small contest drawing for people that complete the survey, to motivate them to actually fill it out. After you have your data, put together some percentages that will be meaningful to potential advertisers, like "54% of our unique visitors are males, between the age of 18-25, with an annual income of $45,000 per year, married, no children." Or you can always take the easy way out and just sign up for Google Adsense
  25. Another nice thing about a virtual terminal is that you don't have to worry about storing the payment information. You can post directly to the gateway machine, and a status code is returned, so you never need to stress over having such sensitive data kept in either a database or being sent through email.
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