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  1. Sometimes I leave my Windows XP pro noSP machine on overnight. The next day the CPU use is 85%-100%. This HLPSVC.EXE file is using all the system resources. I did NOT start it myself. I use Agnitum firewall and i dont download random stuff and ive already scanned my system with spybot search and destroy. I run norton antivirus. So I'm stumped. Any ideas?
  2. it plays vidoes that windows media player doesn't like. cool!
  3. Is there a way to hide my personal domain whois information WITHOUT violating tedious icann rules? It seems that I should be able to as spammers insert bogus data and get away with it seemingly endlessly!! I no more want the junk mail that I would want a psycho to come ring my doorbell one day because he didn't agree with the content of my site.... any ideas? thanks
  4. I use firebird. I love it's builtin popup blocker! Two other good extensions are http://stumbleupon.mozdev.org and http://adblock.mozdev.org/
  5. I love this program! It can batch process subdirectories? Wow, does anything else do that?
  6. what package for windows will run DIRECTLY off a CD? without need of installation?
  7. What WYSIWYG software would you recomend for 7th grade use for those new to html? (neither dreamweaver nor frontpage are viable options at this time). You needn't recomend only freeware. I'd like something that will not require much OS knowledge -- so that people can drag in images from anywhere into the compose windows. I would prefer the software have an integrated FTP client as well. thanks
  8. Promomitron is the best! It has a new, unofficial site: http://proxomitron.info If you're the type that prefers not to expend mental engergy you might instead consider using the similarly free privoxy: http://privoxy.org Mozilla Firebird 0.7 natively blocks popups: http://mozilla.org
  9. I like both SmartFTP and Flash FXP. I detest CuteFTP
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