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  1. Hello, I am getting an error in my script and I was wondering if someone could view the code and possibly spply a solution. The error is below and the entire code. The error line is bold and underlined also. Thank in advance. >Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in (MY PATH) db_mysql.php on line 129 <?php class sqldb { var $scriptname = ""; //nama script ni var $user=""; var $pass=""; var $server=""; var $database=""; var $query_id = 0; // query id var $query_counter = 0; var $link_id = 0; var $use_persistent = "0"; var $insert_into = ""; var $insert_data = array(); /* ----------------------------------------------------------- */ function start($server,$user,$password,$database) { $this->server = $server; $this->user = $user; $this->pass = $password; $this->database = $database; $this->connect(); } function connect() { if ($this->use_persistent == 0) { $this->link_id = mysql_connect($this->server,$this->user,$this->pass); } else { $this->link_id = mysql_pconnect($this->server,$this->user,$this->pass); } if (!$this->link_id) { $this->error("Connection to Database ".$this->database." Failed"); } if(!@mysql_select_db($this->database, $this->link_id)) { $this->error("This database (".$this->database.",)cannot be used"); } unset ($this->password); } function show_all() { return "<br /><br /><b> Debug Mode - All Queries :</b><hr size=1> ".$this->query_show."<br />"; } function query($string) { if (trim($string != "")) { $this->query_counter++; $this->query_show .= stripslashes($string)."<hr size='1'>"; $this->query_id = mysql_query($string); } if (!$this->query_id) { $this->error("mySQL Error on Query : ".$string); } return $this->query_id; } function query_insert() { if ( $this->insert_into && (is_array($this->insert_data)) ) { $this->query_counter++; $this->query_show .= stripslashes($string)."<hr size='1'>"; foreach ($this->insert_data as $key => $val) { $value .= $key."='".$val."',"; } if ( (substr($value,-1)) == "," ) { $value = substr($value,0,-1); } $this->query_id = mysql_query("INSERT INTO ".$this->insert_into." SET $value"); } if (!$this->query_id) { $this->error("mySQL Error on Query : ".$string); } return $this->query_id; } function fetch_array($query_id=-1) { if ($query_id != -1) { $this->query_id = $query_id; } $this->result = mysql_fetch_array($this->query_id); return $this->result; } function free_result($query_id=-1) { if ($query_id != -1) { $this->query_id = $query_id; } return @mysql_free_result($this->query_id); } function query_once($query_string) { $this->query($query_string); $get = $this->fetch_array($this->query_id); $this->free_result($this->$query_id); return $get; } function num_rows($query_id=-1) { if ($quert_id != -1) { $this->query_id=$query_id; } return mysql_num_rows($this->query_id); } function insert_id() { return mysql_insert_id($this->link_id); } function get_errordesc() { $this->error=mysql_error(); return $this->error; } function get_error_no() { $this->errorno=mysql_errno(); return $this->errorno; } function close() { mysql_close(); } function error($msg) { global $HTTP_SERVER_VARS,$root; $this->error_desc=mysql_error(); $this->error_no=mysql_errno(); $the_error = "<b>WARNING!</b><br />"; $the_error .= "DB Error $this->scriptname: $msg <br /> Some more usefull information you might want to know: <br />"; $the_error .= "<li> Mysql Error : $this->error_desc"; $the_error .= "<li> Mysql Error no # : $this->error_no"; $the_error .= "<li> Date : ".date("F j, Y, g:i a"); $the_error .= "<li> Referer: ".$HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_REFERER']; $the_error .= "<li>Script: ".$HTTP_SERVER_VARS['REQUEST_URI']; echo $the_error; die(); } } // end of class ?>
  2. I have been adding a few different scripts to my new site lately, some have gone well others contain errors. Here is the error i'm getting for my rating script: Here is the rate php below. The line in question is "$rate = round($lpoints / $lvotes,3);" if i'm not mistaken. I've tried changeing the number 3 to other numbers but that didn't fix it. Another one in my admin section is: Note: "mysiteusername" is actually correct and not mysiteusername. Here is a site with the script running: http://pickme.3x.ro/about.php
  3. I tried that also but it didn't work.
  4. Thanks for your help guys but it just isn't working. I've done everything the 2nd post said.
  5. Here's one in action: http://www.ratemykitten.com/
  6. Here is the error: It's suppose to create the database but won't. I've tried to do it with a db and then tried creating on then running it. Neither seems to work.
  7. Thanks for the quick response. The values entered are the defaults and will be changed to the correct info.
  8. Can someone show me how to properly set that up? Also, i'm suppose to run a installer but how can I set the db name if it hasn't been created yet?
  9. Hello, I have this webring script I need some help in changing. I'm trying to get it to ask people who sign-up for it to ask for 468x60 banners and have the script display it. Can anyone figure this out for me? I don't know what to do. Here are the codes: config.php functions.php getcode.php goring.php index.php smtpmail
  10. No, I messed up. I want the google info out and I want the bottom script in. The bottom banner rotation javascript would be in the block instead.
  11. Below I have 2 scripts, I was wondering if some one could write the second script into the first one? I've tried but each attempt fails. The first is a google ad block for 468x60 ads the second is a javascript ad rotator.
  12. Im using ipb 2.0 I checked the mods threads from the place I got it from. No one else had been having the problem. On one of my other boards I get the code when I try to post sometimes. That's a different site but it's hosted on TCH. Maybe it's a browser problem or something?
  13. I was testing out my "toplist" mod for my forums and got that error.
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