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  1. problem over, with creative use of words (no pun intended) i upgraded to a 30gb video zen
  2. its sucks for me this "winter time" if i work long weekends, i work in a place with no windows. its rather depressing seeing no light all day! sometimes for a whole weekend
  3. done that and i still get the error: edit files are there i have set avast away to to an AV scan, and ooooh my documents! edit2 - unchecked "read only" and other options in "properties" apply just gives me the denial message too!
  4. my old pc had a 200gb disc full of music and documents, so i buy a adaptor to make my old hard disk into a usb disk, wohoo but... i go to documents and setting,and my documents, then it's allegedly empty which i believe to be a windows security feature as i was system admin on that pc. the "user" accounts are ok to get into but as they always did are empty. is there any way i can get rid of said security i want my music back!
  5. sorry to hear that, have you tried instead of submitting these tickets as they happen asked the help desk or told them that it happens in this way every few months, if you state there is a pattern or it happens a lot, they may have log files to have a look through. i don't know this for 100% and its assuming mostly, one of the TCH staff on this forum (red in colour) should be to help on the issue. hope it is resolved soon
  6. sorry to double post but, i have just noticed that Myspace blogs offer RSS feeds, so does this mean "with the right tools" i could get this RSS feed to transfer automatically from myspace to my wp?
  7. makaveli


    Amaya is a free piece of kit from the team at the W3C, its a nice piece of kit to check code for being W3C compliant and it looks like it highlights errors --- EDIT TCH-Bruce - image removed --- it helped me big time clean up some code fast last week
  8. i still have real sites i simply use myspace for a bit of fun, no one gets hurt im so bad i even look at profiles which are littered with ads where people have got codes from and see how badly designed a lot of them are with concern to copied code, even youtube code doesn't work properly on it. the <object width="425" height="350"> piece of code shows as plain text anyways as regards to WP that is my main blog, i put more on there, but topics i want everyone to hear go on the "myspazz" looks like ill just blog on WP then blog on myspace saying click here to view my main blog :_
  9. I like blogging, I'll admit, hi I'm maka and I'm a blogoholic.. but blogging on myspace and my word press is always a case of type up on one or the other get the HTML and copy it. i blog on myspace as a lot of people i know use it and that's good, i like to drum up traffic for my main blog, what would be perfect is the two to sync or possibly even better if i do a "real blog" on WP myspace posts a snippet then "read more" any ideas on how my blogging life could be made easier? i do understand that feedburner is a tool people use but im a bit murky on what that is, i signed up but never "got it" Thanks all
  10. "it's a very nice" to quote Borat... Shame that a lot of themes don't work
  11. some of the time they simply use a reply to adress, so it simply looks like its from your domain i.e they may forge it from fjhds3d@yours.com best policy if you do suspect an attack on your domain is check your email accounts via cpanel for any that you have not set up, and also in line with general computer security change your password often if in doubt with any TCH related matter it's wise to drop by the Help Desk hope this helps for now
  12. i found a derivation on Ubuntu, Kubuntu. i really like linux from what little i have used. unfortunally it wont support my graphics card anything higher than 800*600 which is odd (i have a 256mb card)
  13. my next computer purchase is likely to be mac. perhaps an laptop. anyways today i tried to sample ubuntu linux, (live cd) unfortunally it seemed it did not like my system, which was a shame id loved to try it. my freind is using some linux or the other (ill have to ask him) due to be sick of windows. linux does look great for free, i do like the idea of "lindows" which is a mix of windows and linux, i dont know if they do this one anymore. if you want a quick insight into linux you can download DSL (damn small linux) (i know silly name) its about 32mb and just a nice preview to see what the fuss is all about.
  14. yep, i have the care plan, i ripped dixons of and got it for about 75% less. only problem, i dont have "all the bits" or the box, and not sure where my reciept is. the major one is not having "all the bits" as they;l want it all, cables, books, cd's headphones...
  15. apparently they dont, only flash disk players have reset holes, hard drive ones you have to remove the battery, then put it in while holding on switch, a menu will come up.... not much use if you cant power it up
  16. yep, and as with all tech support from the vendors its rubbish to say the least, it wont power on, so remove the battery and try again, er yeah. i've tried emailing tech support, but again i dont hold out hope.
  17. Today i added some new albums, "My music" > Right Click > add to media library and when i disconnected and walked out the door, it said "re building media libray" its done this before, so i thought "ah so what" but... it kept going, and going and going and froze at 80% so i left it, and left it, went to work, came back and it was off, so i was like "oooh great its booted and auto shut down" but what has happened is it wont switch on! it wont charge! its a useless brick now? looked round the net and cant find details of how to hard reset it or if there is a way to fix it i love my music any ideas folks? advanced massive thanks if you can help!
  18. not really Bill, jokes are actually Funny....
  19. yep a "mood mouse" made by Targus. and as for apple they had the right idea, that being only apple products can be sold and made by apple. that is also how pc's took off, there is not just on make of pc. its open. although apple do get a bit of money everytime someone uses firewire
  20. i have a dlink mimo router (finding mimo) dunno what that is but anyways i can block IP adresses, swear words and rude words etc
  21. mp3 players were nothing new, the old creative ones were a bit huge and "brick like" so people didnt want them basically what apple did was made a "pretty looking" brick which may of not had all the functionality of its rivals. but it looked good, peopel bought it. in my opinion say an ipod mini is rubbish for a lower price you can get a better higher capacity creative zen micro, with better battery life and sound. so to a degree ipods sell cause they are the "in thing" many people i bet buy apple pc's cause they look nice, not cause they understand what a mac is. i like how macs run, the OS is well designed and crash free, i dont care about "the box" a smy pc just sits in a corner computing as it should. no need for fancy lights or things saying that i like silly lights i have a usb lava lamp and a changign colour mouse lol
  22. its a shame all those years ago apple lost their foot in the operating systems war, i really would love a mac but a lot of things wont work or i'd have to spend a lot of cash getting new software which buying a different OS copy of what i own seems a pointless endevaour
  23. i use windows XP on laptop used to be Prof and Home its now both home edition. for my multimedia design i use a mac with OSx 10.4 tiger. ranging from g4's to g5's i much prefer the mac but its not viable for home a- beacuse of cost b-compatibility with other apps
  24. prism 802.11g is what the windows device manager says the device inside the laptop is
  25. theres no button its all done via the control panel options. my personal laptop has this on the front. i dont know what "type" of wirless it is, but its the same as the other laptops. im trying it with a USB network adapter see what that throws open!
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