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  1. I've been doing that for years already! Thanks for being the way you are!
  2. I haven't been around lately but when I do make it back around I see this... Rest easy, Don. You will always be remembered for your kindness.
  3. Wowzers! I was just searching around for a simple gallery style listing for my photos. Most of the programs I found were too complex for what I wanted. This is working great so far. Funny thing is that I have been using the original Picasa for quite some time. Ahh, the benefits of updating your software
  4. kneedrag.net if there is still room to help out. (post #10 above)
  5. I honestly did not know that was the case. This might need a statement on the reseller plans page so people are aware. At one time, I had about 5 domains scattered around. When I was looking to consolidate them into one, I felt I could get a better deal with separate hosting plans since the simple reseller was only 550MB of storage (May 2003) and the Silver plan was 500MB. Unfortunately, I've trimmed the 5 down to 1-1/2 with just email usage on the 1/2.
  6. I've been getting a lot of undeliverable message alerts in my catchall address lately. My main concern is that they are returned spam messages. These have been easy to deal with by just deleting them - until recently. I have received a couple "official" notices from various universities and IT depts informing me that they have originated from my website and will notify my ISP/Host if I do not stop. (one of which is the company I work for!) I chuckled and scoffed them for being idiots but it has made me think. Looking at the messages that were returned with headers intact with the origin
  7. Sure, send it this way. I have two accounts that could be poked and proded
  8. For me, it just took a bit of time to set the aggressiveness of SA. By editing the config through cPanel, I set the number of hits to 4.2 (Detects most spam that comes in and re-writes the header to indicate it as such) Sometimes it tags a legit message, such as Aunt Mary's 30x forwards to everyone in her address book, but I consider those spam anyway.
  9. Jim and others, You are correct in playing by the wallet. The choice of card would depend solely on the extent of use. The nVidia vs. ATI arguement is moot. All the cards are basically equal when compared across the board against similar units. As Mike also pointed out, the battle will always continue between both manufacturers and the choice ultimately depends on the consumer's preference for brand. I dislike responding like this, as I feel I am trolling rather than partaking in a conversation. By chip, I'm assuming you refer to the graphics chip, correct? If the card is A
  10. That's not entirely true. There are quite a few games that are optimized to take full-advantage of the features in DX9. No, they don't 'require' DX9 to play, but combining a card that is able to take full advantage of DX9 would enhance the playing experience, hence, newer technology. Plus, there may be a time, not too far down the road, where a DX9 compliant card will be required. Why not, since the prices are virtually the same, take advantage of the time and purchase the newer card? Jimxdat, You were looking at the Radeon 9000. It's not a bad card. I would recommend the nVidia
  11. Here is another choice that is sub-$100: FX5200 Specs from Gainward Never mind that reviews have slated the card with low 3d Mark scores and that it essentially 'doesn't stand up to other cards'. If you're not heavy into 3D gaming, but would like to have a good, reliable card for the few moments you do play a game, this is a good card. Gainward has a good reputation for producing a quality card. Combined with nVidia's record for driver support, you can be assured a quality peice of hardware for a long time. Did that sound a little biased? Well, I guess I am biased towards ATI.
  12. Another thing to check is the parallel port mode in the BIOS. I had 'issues', for lack of a better word, with my K7S5A and printers unless the port mode was set to ECP+EPP, and auto resources. In addition, I also had to disable COM2 (serial Port2) in order to get the computer to effectively communicate with the printer. Don't ask why, as there is no real reason COM2 should conflict with LPT1. My ECS settings are: Onboard parallel port: AUTO Port Mode: ECP+EPP IRQ: AUTO DMA: AUTO Any other settings than that and Win2K choked when trying to send a job to the printer. Like you
  13. Another FP refugee. I started hosting with FP around Feb 2001. Things were actually pretty good back then - they even had an ICQ contact that was right there to answer questions 24/7. Things went downhill for me in Jan of this year when I tried to renew the domain/hosting account. Luckily, I used my Discover card to secure the original hosting. What's funny is I never did renew my hosting accounts, they just renewed them automatically. (never saw that 'feature' nor am I able to find it displayed anywhere <_< ) The topper to all that was FP demanding me to send a front/back photo
  14. LOL...why is it that the first thing I thought of was the old "All your base" flash?
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