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  1. I've been with TCH for a few years now, and about every couple of months, my email just stops. I file trouble tickets and they're generally resolved within a day, but none of the mail that arrived during the "blackout" ever gets sent to me -- even after the problem is solved. I don't know if it's a server specific issue, but I do know I've never been contacted by TCH to say "hey, we see your pattern here and we want to work to fix it." I've expressed concern when filing the trouble tickets that this *is* a pattern, too. But after the reported problem is solved, it doesn't seem that the overarching issue gets handled, because it keeps happening. I understand that having a single portal of contact helps to keep their costs down, but sometimes I really wish I were able to call and get a live person.
  2. Site #1: Luscious Mango Luscious Mango: JustAGirl and Geeky American Princess Personal website of Faith Love Linkback in menu frame (left.html), so always visible Rank evaluation (please) Site #2: In Our Cups In Our Cups Bawdy/taverny/feathery female trio, performing primarily at renaissance faires Linkback at bottom of page Rank evaluation (pretty please) I'm pretty sure I'm responsible for at least four sites moving to TCH -- how many more until I get a t-shirt? What about a toaster oven?
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