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  1. just a little thing here to see if anyone else has used it, i got version 7 (full version) free with computerarts (a uk multimedia designers mag £6 a pop mind) and i hated it at first but now i kinda like, it i can integrate bits with dreamweaver, version 8 is out there, just wondering what people thought? what i do these days is i like the photo gallery tool on there so i make the photo gallery in fusion and the main site in dream weaver and use SSI to put it into my main site
  2. no problems, with no disrespect to some of the other hosts, i dont want a "front page express" or "powerpoint" looking site, its nice to be to use PHP forums, CSS and some cheap hosts dont allow a lot of things, one i used had this godawful admin panel, and i hated it with a passion, i have to use Cpanel for my websites admin now
  3. best personal data backup soution, USB all your stuff and backup any important data on a CD/DVD and get oen of them "safe boxes" (cash box) some developer did make a "g-drive" thing so gmail would act as space to store files (if you had this app and were logged in) but the hacker/spyware alarm went off for me
  4. what do google not want to to! but this i think is sweet if you are busy, or your say a team leader in a office, much like i-cal you can have colleagues subscribe to your public calendar and they for example may see when your in board (bored) meetings.
  5. ok so after a few years of not needing any "real" webspace i used to haunt ebay for these "unlimited $1 per year" type hosts.. they were just file storage. but they went down quicker than the titanic even on a good day. a few years on and taking a degree in multimedia design and practice, i needed a portfolio to be put online. i looked at many uk hosts but the prices are a bit too much out of my range, and the cheaper ones, well i didnt want "my first WYSIWYG web site" as i needed a bit more than that, so over i venture to TCH, amazing, much much cheaper than any UK host and even has this forum for more freindly support and user feedback. im glad my freind told me about TCH, much better than anyhing i have used before. ive also reffered a client who i did a design for to TCH and they were impressed with the speed and service.
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