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  1. Hi All, I've been a loyal Squirrelmail user, with a custom installation, for many years now, but have decided to move on due to various factors such as mobile access, etc. Between the two choices of Horde and Roundcube, I wanted to go for Horde because, as I understand, Roundcube next is coming sometime soon and I would like to spare my (older) users another getting-used-to experience. Also, Horde is optimized for mobile access it seems. With my existing Squirrelmail installation I had quite a few plugins that made my life easier - I cannot seem to find (most probably looking for w
  2. ok, thanks for the reply - so, potentially, with SPF my messages might be getting flagged as spam, if the recipient doesn't check against SPF records/doesn't do this properly - correct? what about domainkeys? as i understand this concerns only incoming messages - again, what's the practical effect, are any of them just marked as spam or rejected?
  3. hi all, i recently noticed, in the control panel, the option for email authentication (the two options are below). i've read the description but was wondering whether, in practice, there are any particular issues to take into account. e.g. do i need to configure my outlook settings differently (SSL?), will users now need to have some sort of certificate, etc - i don't anticipate that to be the case but was simply wondering what practical steps anyone needs to take and issues to keep in mind when activating these options, given they are not enabled by default (for a reason?). gratef
  4. just wanted to check on whether any solution is in sight...
  5. hi all, i have a custom squirrelmail installation that I'd really like to keep. since some time now (a couple of months), i can't attach files when composing emails - I could before. as i understand there's been an upgrade of PHP, which seems to be the problem. my attachment directory permissions are fine (no changes from before). the error I get is "Could not move/copy file. File not attached", as described here: http://www.phpbuilder.com/board/showthread.php?t=10239016 so, as I understand, I don't have access to the php.ini file, but could include a command in my .htaccess file
  6. Hi there, Apologies in advance if this is the wrong sub-forum: I'm looking for a guestbook that I can install on my dad's website, for anyone who visits it to write an entry. To avoid spam-bots, I'd like to have control over what gets posted. Cpanel used to have a script for this but doesn't anymore - does anyone have any recommendations for a simple (in installation) guestbook somewhere?
  7. I've installed wordpress and came across the same error. i put in an .htaccess file in my upload directory, saying php_value upload_max_filesize 60m. When I try to upload though I still get a message saying that the upload is limited to 8mb. Any possible reason for that?
  8. <<Don´t know how it would work if you have your own installation but I would imagine it would be the same result.>> as I said, 404. ok, will ask helpdesk...
  9. quick Q: is it possible to use squirrelmail (i have my own installation), via https? if so, what do i need to do? any hints appreciated.
  10. thank you for that PHP script, it's exactly what I was looking for.
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