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  1. I'm getting some feedback from the Help Desk and they say that they reinstalled a backup from 10/21. That would be super ... but I'm not seeing the info I last saw on 10/21 ... for example an Images folder is missing from my publc_html folder and my home page went from my current index.php to an ancient index.htm. So there is a major disconnect here. I keep trying to chat with one of the TCH Gurus but no one is ever online. Any suggestions for how to make IM/chat contact with a TCHGuru? thanks.
  2. When Help Desk moved my crashed domain to a new server they said: "A backup of your account is retained at /home/cpmove-mikey.tar.gz/ in case you need us to check out anything." Is that a file I can navigate to? Any insight MUCH APPRECIATED.
  3. I'm in that situation that every webmaster dreads: Essentially, my TCH-hosted domain crashed and two and one half years of my content-development life has disappeared. Now, I'm in the nerve-wracking situation that every webmaster prays will save him/her: That the web host has a good backup and plan for reinstalling that backup to make the webmaster whole again. I'm in the process of communicating my dire situation to the Help Desk and was hoping that some of you experienced TCHers can give me some advice on how to navigate through this precarious point. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I had to have my account moved to a new server today and it turns out that somehow my existing password got invalidated in the process, and now I can't get into any of my TCH services. I gave the help desk my verification info a couple of hours ago and they sent it to Billing for validation. I was wondering if Billing is going to be able to validate ASAP so I can get a new password; my business is taking a big hit because I can't get into my email to receive and fill orders. Any idea on how long I'll have to wait to get a new password? Thanks.
  5. Where is this escalation feature? I don't see it. thanks.
  6. Part 1 of this thread seems to be locked -- http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...showtopic=29938 I'm still not able to access my Expression Engine account, even though the TCH Help Desk "restored (my) account on a different server." What's particularly disturbing is that the Help Desk closed out my ticket without even checking back to see if my problem was actually fixed ... which it isn't. So my question is this: Can TCH restore my access to my EE files or do I need to change my webhost over to pMachine and their special expertise with EE? This is an urgent problem for me.
  7. Ok. And, while I understand that unforseeable snafus like this can arise from time to time I do want to point out what I consider a serious customer relations issue, namely, after a few passes yesterday with TCH tech support I was politely sent to the forums with this message: "The issue is with the Expression Engine software and I am sorry the help desk do not provide support to 3rd party softwares. Please visit our family forum for tips regarding 3rd party software issues." It left me feeling screwed ... and I'm glad to see that executive eyes are looking into the nooks and crannies of the bulletin board. TCH has a lot of goodwill with me and I will let my frustration from this event fade away, but please speak with Tech Support about the boilerplate about 3rd party software.
  8. So I shouldn't be doing any troubleshooting on my end: checking logs and repairing databases? Basically stay put until it's fixed on your end? I also see that another fella using EE that's a TCH'er is also having and discussing the same problem on the EE board ...
  9. I'll check the logs ... how do I repair the database?
  10. I woke up this morning, ready to submit a project on my TCH hosted installation of Expression Engine, and out of nowhere -- I didn't do anything to the EE system files, I can no longer publish new, or edit existing, content on my EE-based website. EE Tech Support Says: (http://www.pmachine.com/forums/viewthread/39704/) "Here is the deal, you are not having one problem, you are experiencing many problems across the board. You are not just getting blank pages on the publish tab, you are getting a horribly slow control panel and many of the links in your admin area are not loading. This problem seems to be caused by the underlying hosting environment. You did not make any changes, the system was working great and all of a sudden everything went south. Sudden changes like this are often indicative of a hosting change. EE is a basic PHP/MySQL script that is running on thousands on sites across the net. The script does not just break down with no explanation. I have seen these types of problems before and they have been a problem with a lack of memory." TCH Tech Support Says: I am sorry I could not find any memeory issues on the server. The server is running fast and your domain is resolving fine ... and ... The issue is with the Expression Engine software and I am sorry the help desk do not provide support to 3rd party softwares. Please visit our family forum for tips regarding 3rd party software issues. So unless someone here or on the EE board can shed some light so I can find a solution, it seems like, according to the tech guys, after two and a half years of very hard work learning and working with EE, my website is now BURNED TOAST Is the life of a script really that fragile Any sign of the cavalry????
  11. Based on the high bandwidth issues associated with podcasting I've become curious about the 'economics' of webhosting. I'm wondering how companies like libsyn and audioblog can offer 'unlimited' bandwidth at around $5 per month? Is there a comparable plan here at TCH? I'm trying to figure out the best strategy for hosting and delivering my mp3 content in preparation for a successful podcast. Any feedback and/or experience is much appreciated! Thanks.
  12. I got Remote Desktop Client for Mac to connect to my WinXP box with Zone Alarm (free version) turned off. How do I manually configure Zone Alarm to allow the RDC to access port 3389? Thanks!
  13. I'm trying to get 'some' remote desktop client to connect my IntellMac to WinXP Pro. It seems that the Microsoft RDC client is not updated for IntellMac, and after visiting the help forums at SourceForge > Chicken of the VNC (CothVNC), it's somewhat ht and miss with Macs As a (to date) unsuccessful newcomer to the virtual networking realm I was hoping to get some feedback on these questions: 1. Using a DSL connection to the internet, can I use CotVNC client on an IntellMac to access a WinXP Pro SP2 that's setup for remote access? 2. Since I'm not using a router do I have to do anything regarding setting port options? If so, where is that done? 3. I'm using Zone Alarm on the WindowsXP box, are there any additions I need to make to the 'trusted' zone to enable the connection to take place? I'm very fascinated by this networking function and would like to get it to work. Thanks for your feedback!
  14. Spoke with Apple tech support and they said that the current version of RDC for Mac only works on power pcs and not the intel macs yet —which is what I have. So on to Chicken of the VNC ...
  15. strange, I ran www.whatismyip.com on my mac and my pc to see the ip addresses and they're the same How can that be?
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